10 Shocking Korean Idol Plastic Surgery Transformations

As top stars become richer they also become prettier too as they can afford to make themselves look beautiful and nice.

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On and off, some starsㅡactors, idols, entertainersㅡ have had so much “help” from plastic surgeons. Images showing the drastic transformation of 10 different Korean idols who’ve undergone plastic surgery procedures. Wide eyes, high nose bridges and narrow faces with pointed chins are coveted features among a lot of Korean stars. These celebrities feel what should they be loved by public and give themselves marvelous changes. 

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It’s no surprise that the celebs too have gone under the knife for enhancements and changes. Moreover a number of Korean women hope to attain this look at the hands of skilled surgeons. Here are 10 K-idols who have clearly had plastic surgery. Check out these 10 K-idols before and after having plastic surgery and see how much they have changed. 


10 Shocking Before And After Photos

Of K-idol Plastic Surgery


Han Sun Hwa (Secret)hansunhwa-plastic-surgery.png

KAI (EXO)kai-plastic-surgery.png

Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation)




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Kyuhyun (Super Junior)KYUHYUN-PLASTIC-SURGERY.png





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Better before, later, or doesn’t it matter?!

What Hani of EXID Hears So Often by Her Manager When She’s Shooting

The GIF below is Hani of EXID mimicking her manager whenever she is shooting a program or on set. Guess what it means!

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Hani, Hani of EXID, EXID, Knowing Brother Hani, Weekly Idol EXID

Knowing Brother

Can you tell what she is trying to say, or what the manger is trying tell Hani?

Here’s a hint. We all know that Hani, despite her “girlish” looks, she’s got a soul of a man inside of her. Due to her tough and cool (in the sense of men) personality, she is called Ahn Hyung, Ahn which is her family name and Hyung, is a word when a boy addresses an older BOY. 

You still don’t get it? Here is a second hint from “Weekly Idol.”

Hani, Hani of EXID, EXID, Knowing Brother Hani, Weekly Idol EXID

Weekly Idol

Now, do you get it?

The motion that Hani followed is her manger asking her to pull her legs together when she is sitting! Her posture when sitting reminds us of care free men! A moment showing why we love Hani so much!

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Meet The Trainees Who Did Not Make It to Wanna One on HEYO TV

Kwon HyunBin, Yoo SunHo, Lee GunHee, Kim SangGyun, Kim DongHan and Takada Kenta were the trainees in Produce 101 SE2, who were not able to make it to the debut, but gained huge popularity.

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PRODUCE 101, PRODUCE 101SE2, Kim DongHan, Kwon HyunBin, Yoo SunHo, Takata Kenta, Kim SangGyun, Heyo TV


The six trainees are to be seen through “Heyo TV” in the program “101 Exclusive: Personal Life (Title not official yet).” The fans of PRODUCE 101 really felt upset because they thought they could not see their favorite trainees for a while. However, they came back pretty soon with a program where they can show who they really are through opening up their personal lives.

Fans are truly delighted by the news and hope to see their preparation to debut. About four episodes is to be shown and the first episode will be aired on July 13th.

This will be the first time that trainees aside from the top 11 members be joining and be on air.

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ONE Profile: From 1PUNCH with Kim Samuel To SMTM, Finally Debuting in YG

Not much people have heard of the group 1PUNCH. They were a duo consisted of ONE and Kim Samuel from Brave Entertainment. The duo didn’t really work out well, so both members decided to take a different path. Kim Samuel went back to being a trainee in the same entertainment and joined Produce 101 SE2. The other member. ONE, left Brave and joined YG Entertainment. He also participated a competition program, SHOW ME THE MONEY SE 4 and 5 before his debut. 

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One has been preparing his first album”ONE DAY” which is soon to be released on July 11th. Though he did  not release the first album yet, a number of fans are already waiting for him. Because he performed as 1PUNCH and in SMTM, he is renowned as a hip hop artiest and got a firm fandom already.

The tracks were produced by ONE himself and Cha Cha Malone, a produce in AOMG. He wrote the lyrics himself with a helping hand of a major hip hop label.



ONE, ONE YG Entertainment, ONE Debut, ONE ONE DAY

(YG Entertainment)

ONE, ONE YG Entertainment, ONE Debut, ONE ONE DAY



(Jeong JaeWon)

Birthday: 1994.3.29

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Interesting Facts) Has been one of the major rappers spotlighted in SMTM SE 4 and 5

SNS: Instagram



yg one debut teaser, yg trainee boy, yg new boy group 2017, yg boy group debut 2017, bang yedam, yg one 2017, 1punch one, 1punch profile, yg one kpop, yg one profile

YG Entertainment

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