10 Things About Korean Celebrity Smokers That Might Surprise You

Cigarette’s detrimental effects on the body are immeasurable. 

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Everyone already knows the harms of tabacco. We all have some dirty little secrets and know that we can never safely hide a secret forever (in the case of celebrities moreover). Here’re A-list smokers that will probably shock you a few times. To some, it can be unexpected things, or would already been expecting. Some of the A-lists smoke regularly and others stress smoke or social smoke. 

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Thus take a look at this, from a top idol star GD to a popular actor Kim Soo Hyun, secret smokers that will shock you. Not all the pics are from the year, so there’s a chance some of these folks have quit smoking. 


10 Things About Korean Celebrity Smokers

That Might Surprise You 

1. EXO Sehun  (Idol)

You guys remember when someone photoshopped that one picture of Tao and Sehun to make it look like they were smoking. Before the Chinese member left the group, at least they seemed to be a manly friend as a cigarette. 

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exo sehun smoking


2. Kim Soo Hyun (Actor)

A paparazzi photo of actor Kim Soo Hyun with a cigarette in his mouth has captured the attention of netizens. Actually the actor revealed in an interview with local media that he smokes nearly half a pack of cigarettes on a daily basis.

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kim soo hyun smoking


3. BIG BANG G-Dragon (Idol)

His tabacco habit has became public knowledge because fans have already witnessed his many smoking scenes by the talented idol star in recent years. I’m really against smoking, but he’s the only man who looks superbly hot when smoking.

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gd smoking


4. Lee Min Ho  (Actor)

Netizens dig further to find a more personal side of Lee Min Ho.  They’re really interested in the photo of his smoking in his free time amidst CF shooting.

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lee min ho smoking


5. TVXQ Yunho (Idol) 

 His devoted fans apparently told Yoonho to stop smoking since it affects his voice. But there’re some accounts saying YunHo continuously smokes. 

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dbsk yoonho smoking


6. PSY (Singer)

This photo seems to have caught the interest of netizens. The world-famous star has smoked cigarettes for as long as we can remember, and also the Gangnam Oppa had a courage to smoke in no-smoking area.

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psy smoking


7. BEAST Lee KiKwang (Idol)

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Determine 100% whether or not the man seen is truly Kikwang, netizens have had a field day because of the topic’s title alone. Even if it is, he’s of legal age to smoke in Korea.

 lee ki kwang smoking


8. Hong Jong Hyun (Actor)

A nice-looking actor is a renowned smoker. Somehow this image of him smoking looks good. That is not a good advertisement for smoking. Or for you. 

hong jong hyun smoking


9. SHINee Taemin (Idol)

We bring you SHINee’s youngest smoker who need to kick the butt as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if he smokes or not. But his fans just worry that it’s not good for the idol boy’s health.

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shinee taemin smoking


10. BIG BANG T.O.P (Idol)

He’s bold, beautiful and incredibly talented, and he’s a chain smoker. Although his smoking habit is so not, he does not care if you think t’s… cool.

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big bang top smoking

gd top smoking

BTS V’s Fangirl Moment At the Billboard Music Awards Goes Viral On 9gag

BTS is making headlines left and right for his epic appearance at the Billboard Music Awards 2017… but this time it’s for the reason why we love V so much.

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When BTS walked the red carpet and graced the stage of the 2017 Billboard Music Awards as the first K-Pop artists to attend the prestigious event, the group made headlines all over the world. In particular, V was given spotlight for being the ‘guy at the far left’ who was just as hot as the ‘third guy from the left’ (Jin); as well as being voted by Vogue as the best dressed member out of the best dress boy band during the night.

V’s headline making days aren’t over yet! He just made the wall of 9gag’s Instagram, where they perfectly captured the true V image. In the clip, you can see V totally fangirling when the interviewer explained that he’ll be able to meet his long-time-idol, Celine Dion.

V’s adorable reaction was all caught on camera, and is now circulating the world as the perfect fangirl.


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The Reason Why HwaSa of Mamamoo is Called Korean Beyonce

From the very early years of western cartoons and comics, women characters are drawn with big hips narrowing down to thin legs.

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HwaSa, HwaSa of Mamamoo, Mamamoo, Sexy Korean Idol, Hip LIne,

Cartoon Baotin Forum

This type of body feature has been thought to be the “Sexy Icon” of women and is until now thought as the ideal body shape. (It’s named IDEAL since it’s hard to be that way)

Recently, in K-Pop scene, a LIVE HUMAN BEING seemed to perfectly demonstrate such body. Can you guess who it is?

It’s HwaSa of Mamamoo!

HwaSa, HwaSa of Mamamoo, Mamamoo, Sexy Korean Idol, Hip LIne,

Nate Pann

She is called “Beyonce’ of Korea, not only because she is such a powerful vocalist, but because of her sexy body line, resembling that of Beyonce.

GIF HwaSa, HwaSa of Mamamoo, Mamamoo, Sexy Korean Idol, Hip LIne,

GIF HwaSa, HwaSa of Mamamoo, Mamamoo, Sexy Korean Idol, Hip LIne,

GIF HwaSa, HwaSa of Mamamoo, Mamamoo, Sexy Korean Idol, Hip LIne,

So, do you agree that HwaSa is the Korean Beyonce? 

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Korean Comedian Jang DoYeon’s Insane Level Of Extra Goes Viral Globally

Famous Korean comedian, Jang DoYeon, goes the extra mile and wins the hearts of fans around the world for her extra poses being so extra.

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Feeling down today? You gotta check out Jang DoYeon’s recent photo wall poses. With her lean model-like body and beautiful face, you’d never expect someone to be so extra in front of a camera. But she defies all the laws of the stereotypical beauty as she owns the carpet each and every time.

Her charismatic and inspirational attitude caught wind not just in Korea, but all over the world as her poses became viral on various channels.

Even though you had a bad day, you would laugh so hard. Let’s see her!




But little did you know! Jang DoYeon’s always been this fabulous!


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