Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Kim JiWon

From “The Heirs” to “Descendants of the Sun”, now in “Fight For My Way”, actress Kim JiWon has been changing her color like chameleon, perfectly acting out the roles given to her.

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She has worked with numerous actors, including some of the hottest ones. Her romantic partnerships in the dramas really made us crave for romance in our lives and her looks made us to search for beauty tips and styles.  But among things that we’d like to catch up with her, we are curious of whether she didn’t feel anything romantic during drama shooting. Since all her scenes and relationships were so sweet and heart melting, there seems to be a good chance that she and her partner would fall in love for real! 

Before we dig any information on that, let’s first check what type of men JiWon is interested in!


Kim JiWon‘s  Ideal Compilation

Kim JiWon: When I was shooting “The Heirs”, I thought I was fond of bad guys like YoungDo, who is some how sweet to his lady. I wanted someone who can accept the faults I have and let me be and be a bad boy to other girls. But when I was shooting “The Descendants of the Sun”, I found being loved by a man so deeply can be an amusing. After than, I think I prefer sweet gentle guys over bad boys.

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The Star

She was once in a love scandal with Yoo YeonSuk, who was in a movie together. Though both entertainments denied and stated that they are just close colleagues, they sort of look cute together. 

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KBS Drama “Descendants of the Sun” Cast, Air Date And Plot

Confirmations are in for the cast of the upcoming blockbuster-melodrama Descendants of the Sun, the latest project from star writer Kim Eun Sook (The heirs, A Gentlemans Dignity).

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Actor Song Joong Ki and actress Song Hye Kyo will be acting together in the drama “Descendants of the Sun”. The two top celebrities have signed on headline, and the drama has scored a broadcaster as well. This will be Song Joon Ki’s first drama in 3 years as his last drama was KBS’s “The Innocent Man” in 2012. After being discharged from the army last year, he started his comeback with the movie, “Battleship”, but this drama will be his real comeback project.

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The female lead Song Hye Kyo has not appeared in a k-drama since 2013, when she starred in “That Winter The Wind Blows” with Jo In Sung. She did appear in four films during those two years. The drama also stars Jin Goo, last seen in “Falling For Innocence” and Kim Ji Won who appeared in “Gap Dong” and “Hidden Identity.” As you know, this will be Ji Won’s second time working together with writer Kim Eun Sook. Moreover, it’s becoming a big issue since SHINee’s Onew will be making his acting debut through the drama.

The drama about the love of people who get closer as they learn to be considerate of each other in desperate times and sacrifices made by people who throw themselves into natural disasters.

Descendants of the Sun CAST

JTBC Join News

Descendants of the Sun

Air Date: February 24, 2016

Episodes: 16


Song Joong Ki as Yoo Shi Jin

Song Hye Kyo as Kang Mo Yun

Jin Goo as Seo Dae Young

Kim Ji Won as Yoon Myung Joo

Onew as Lee Chi Hoon

Check out the plot and trailer for the humanity-melo drama on the following page. 


The show will be based on a fictional country and revolve around the romantic relationship of a soldier, Song Joong Ki, and a doctor, Song Hye Kyo. It’s a conventional melodrama about “a man and woman who dream of true love and career achievement. 

Meanwhile, the upcoming South Korean drama Descendants of the Sun has revealed a NEW teaser with Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki. The production company, NEW, posted this new teaser on January 22 via Naver TV cast. In the short clip, the chemistry of the popular actors and the unique elements have created growing buzz for “Descendants of the Sun.” 


Top 5 Actresses Who are Well Heard Due to Their Clear Diction

Diction is how clear one pronounces words and sentences. The field of work like lawyer, acting, reporting, and sales require a good diction, for they need to speak to do their jobs. It’s necessary for actors and actresses to pronounce words clearly, because what they deliver is mostly by words, though there are facial and bodily expressions that help. 

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There are 5 actresses in Korea who have amazingly clear and exact pronunciations. Due to their great ability, they take the roles of lawyer, judge, reporter or news anchor. Not only fans, but also the public are fond of their acting because it’s well delivered. 

So, here are top 5 actresses with great diction!

1st – Lee BoYoung

K-Drama, Korean Drama, Lee BoYoung Lee YuRi, Park JiWon, Kim SeulGi, Seo HyunJin


She is one of the best actresses in Korea. She mostly takes the role of woman working in the field of law or government because of her elegant looks and powerful voice. Her voice isn’t thick, but there is always a strong power that makes the opponent speechless. 


2nd – Kim SeulGi

K-Drama, Korean Drama, Lee BoYoung Lee YuRi, Park JiWon, Kim SeulGi, Seo HyunJin

MBC / Naver

She has a good diction, but her voice is the key reason why she is heard so clearly. Her unique voice which is high and sharp are well heard whatever role she is acting.


3rd –  Kim JiWon

K-Drama, Korean Drama, Lee BoYoung Lee YuRi, Park JiWon, Kim SeulGi, Seo HyunJin


Unlike Kim SeulGi, her voice is quite low. Her voice was such a good match with the last drama, “Descendent of the Sun” as a soldier. Of course, when she acted as an anchor on the current drama, ‘Fight For My Way” her diction stood out. 


4th – Lee YuRi

K-Drama, Korean Drama, Lee BoYoung Lee YuRi, Park JiWon, Kim SeulGi, Seo HyunJin


Her high pitch voice and her clear diction stand out whenever she throws lines which are so true and realistic. In the current drama, her role as a lawyer fits so well with her, depicting a successful working woman. 


5th – Seo HyunJin

K-Drama, Korean Drama, Lee BoYoung Lee YuRi, Park JiWon, Kim SeulGi, Seo HyunJin

tvN / SBS

Whatever role she acts out, she draws the viewers in by delivering the emotions so well and clear. Her lines are well heard though viewers did not pay close attention to it. 

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