Real Girls Group Project from [email protected] Having Their First Fan Meeting

Real Girls Project (R.G.P) from the drama [email protected] is having their first fan meeting!

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R.G.P, one of the hottest idol group in drama and in reality is having their first fan meeting on July 30th and the ticketing starts on July 6th 7 p.m. Korean time.

The girls advertised their fan meeting by themselves through a video.

They seemed to be really exited to meet their fans officially and their excitement seemed to be well delivered to fans by the video than any media. Fans are also very delighted to hear the news and hope that they will have more of idol schedules like fan meeting and concerts.

Don’t miss your chance to meet your favorite drama / idol group!

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Real Girls Project’s First Comeback Member Is Finally Decided

SoRi is the first girl who becomes debut member in Real Girls Project.

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Real Girls Project finally released the first debut member as SoRi. Real Girls Project will comeback after a year eventually. Real Girls Project’s management, IMX and Molle posted images of the first member, SoRi, on official SNS channel on July 21st. SoRi also has a charge of the leader of team as a eldest unnie in THE [email protected] now. When she was secondary school student, she studied abroad in Japan. As she became a university student, she came back to South Korea for her singer dream and started training life. In January, 2016, SoRi received attention for her unique concept in her debut as CoCoSoRi

SoRi was a cheerleader since her high school. Based on those experience, she shows off her cute looks and perfect physical skills, making female and male snatch. Due to her free and easy character, she is being called as ‘mom’ from other members. Meanwhile, Real Girls Project, which is going to comeback in early August as 5 members, will open other 4 members in order soon.





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What Song Do You Want To See Real Girls Project Perform?

Real Girls Project, stars of the Amazon Original Series THE [email protected], is having their 1st fan meeting in Seoul, Sunday, July 30 at 5 PM (KST).

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To make sure all their international fans don’t feel left out, we’re giving you the chance to choose one song for them to perform during the fan meeting–Just for you!  The performance will be uploaded Monday, July 31st. Until July 14th, you can choose which song the R.G.P girls will cover. Take your pick out of the songs here!

Meanwhile, the drama THE [email protected], the story of female trainees struggling to pursue their dreams as idols, airs at 6:30 PM every Friday on SBS funE and 11:00 AM every Sunday on SBS MTV. You can also watch it globally via Amazon Prime Video.

Must Read : Real Girls Group Project from [email protected] Having Their First Fan Meeting