Woman Crush Wednesday: LUNA of f(x)

Welcome to another edition of Kpopmap’s Woman Crush Wednesday, where we empower women to become all that they dream to be!

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Women are beautiful. Women are strong. Women are powerful. We want you girls (and guys) to be inspired to be able to become whatever you aspire to be! That’s why we created the Woman Crush Wednesday segment for our readers. Here we share the detailed profile and story about one of the hottest female K-Pop idols, who’s story can inspire you go work hard to fulfill your dreams. Work hard, play hard, amirite?!

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You all know who she is, but did you know this about her? Let me introduce you to the girl crush power vocalist of SM, Luna!

Woman Crush Wednesday: Luna of f(x) Edition

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The Celebrity


(Park SunYoung)

Who’s Our WCW?

Luna, who’s birth name is Park SunYoung, was born on August 12, 1993 in Seoul, South Korea. This powerhouse vocalist was a star in the making ever since she was young. Luna made her first televised appearance on SBS’s “Truth Game” in 2006. After her appearance as the “Wave Girl”, she was cast by SM Entertainment and began her idol training. Throughout her training, she realized her potential not solely as a dancer, but also a singer. She eventually debuted in 2009 as the main vocalist and lead dancer of f(x). Through the years since her debut, Luna was continually been active as an artist, an idol, a MC, and a musical actress. 

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Why We Crush

We know that Luna’s got a powerful voice, but did you know that Luna lacked vocal confidence back in her early years? Luna had always been complimented for her dancing skills, but her vocal talent was recognized later on in her career path. During her early debut years, Luna was always striving to improve her vocal abilities, but came along to harsh criticisms. During an episode of MBC’s “Enjoy Today”, Luna’s performance was met by harsh criticisms by the judge panel consisting of some of the greatest Korean artists. They criticized Luna for “lacking a sense of understanding of music.” Although Luna had burst into tears by their words, but she grit her teeth and determined to become a legendary singer who can move the audience through her voice. And she did just that! Most recently, Luna competed in MBC’s “King of Masked Singer” and was crowned the king for 1st and 2nd generations. Through the program, Luna became a household name when it came to powerhouse vocalists in K-Pop. Luna knew what she wanted and she climbed mountains after mountains to prove her worth!

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Where We’ve Seen Her

We’ve seen her plenty of times as the main vocalist of f(x), but Luna shined the brightest during her recent promotions as a solo artist. Luna released her 1st solo mini-album, “Free Somebody” only a month ago. Her album contained tracks of her own compositions and fully expressed Luna as herself, than Luna of f(x). With beautiful choreography, modern pop concepts and her God-sent voice, “Free Somebody” was an EDM hit for the summer of 2016. We don’t doubt that we’ll be seeing a continuation of the solo Luna soon!


Where We’ll See Her Next

Although it may be a while before Luna’s next album, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to hear our Queen! Luna is continually busy with scheduled activities for the rest of 2016 from variety show appearances, musicals and concerts. Currently, Luna is busy running with the SM Town crew in their SMTOWN LIVE concerts all throughout the world, and will soon set sail to Hawaii to enjoy a company-wide vacation (courtesy of Father SM, himself!). With so much more Luna on the way, we can’t wait to see what she’s got up her sleeve next!

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Luna’s Instagram

See you next week for another installment of Kpopmap Woman Crush Wednesday’s star!


luna, f(x) luna, fx luna, luna 2016, luna wcw, wcw luna, wcw f(x), kpop wcw, fx luna 2016

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