10 Boy Group Vocalists With The Broadest Singing Ranges



10 Boy Group Vocalists With The Broadest Singing Ranges

Some skeptics think that K-Pop idols are a whole lot of looks and not enough talent, but we’d certainly beg to differ with these guys.

We’ve collected a list of some of the top male vocalists in boy groups right now – with vocal abilities so impressive that some of the singers on this list have over a four octave range! (All that and good looks too? Some guys have all the luck.)

Can you guess which idols made in on the list? Find out below!

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1. SHINee’s JongHyun (G2 – C#6)

shinee, jonghyun, kpop 2017

Twitter @GTG0408


2. BIGBANG’s TaeYang (E2 – G5)

bigbang, taeyang, kpop 2017

Twitter @yb_518


3. VIXX’s Ken (Bb2 – F#6)

vixx, ken, kpop 2017

Twitter @comic_m_soul


4. HIGHLIGHT’s YoSeob (G2 – C#6)

kpop 2017, yoseob, highlight

Twitter @kan_chyo


5. Super Junior’s YeSung (G2 – A5)

yesung, super junior, kpop 2017

Twitter @kckelfhk


6. TVXQ’s ChangMin (A2 – C6)

changmin, tvxq, kpop 2017

Twitter @TYPEB_SCM


7. EXO’s BaekHyun (F#2 – C#6)

kpop 2017, baekhyun, exo

Twitter @honeydrop_506


8. BIGBANG’s DaeSung (C3 – D6)

kpop 2017, bigbang, daesung


9. Super Junior’s KyuHyun (D2 – D6)

kyuhyun, super junior, kpop 2017

Weibo @郭屌SAMA


10. EXO’s Chen (E2 – Bb5)

exo, chen, kpop 2017

Twitter @MonAmiChen