"KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR" Round 3 "No Limit" with ATEEZBTOBiKONSF9Stray Kids, and THE BOYZ has started! It is a much-anticipated round because members from three groups come together to form a unit and compete against the other unit. Viewers have been looking for groups' interactions and never-seen-stages taking birth from the collaboration of members from groups of different colors and styles.

On May 13, the rap unit battle and the dance battle were aired. This article will solely focus on the dance unit stages.

The IT'S ONE team composed of iKON's DK (DongHyuk), SF9's Yoo TaeYang, and THE BOYZ's JuYeon danced on 'King and Queen'. The MAYFLY team composed of BTOB's Peniel, Stray Kids' Lee Know, I.N, & Felix, and ATEEZ's San, SeongHwa, YeoSang, WooYoung, and YunHo on a readaptation of EXO's 'Wolf'. IT'S ONE and MAYFLY gave different vibes in their performances and the two stages were amazing with their own colors.

The two teams have taken our breath away with their beautiful and well-prepared stages. Here are 10 breathtaking points for their stages that need all your attention according to us.


IT'S ONE - 'King and Queen'

iKON's DK (DongHyuk), SF9's Yoo TaeYang, and THE BOYZ's JuYeon

This team prepared a majestic stage filled with emotions and elegance. IT'S ONE team's traditional stage told the story of a king going crazy after the death of his loved one. The three dancers showed their skills on this aesthetic stage.

Their entrance on palanquins and jumps were impactful and drawn us into the stage from its first seconds.

 10 Breathtaking Points To Not Have Missed In The Dance Unit Battle Of "KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR"


Here is what you should not have missed:

Yoo TaeYang was fast to grab the sword (that was impressive!) and showed his swordplay in difficult moves.

JuYeon skillfully flipped the table with his foot and expressed a king lost in alcohol with great facial expressions.

DK (DongHyuk) portrayed a king losing himself in madness with quick and sharp moves. Let's not forget his crazy smile at the end which was terrific.


MAYFLY - 'Wolf'

BTOB's Peniel, Stray Kids' Lee Know, I.N, & Felix, and ATEEZ's San, SeongHwa, YeoSang, WooYoung, and YunHo

MAYFLY chose a powerful and dark stage portraying savage wolves. This team prepared intense and acrobatic moves. The overall dance was detailed and all members paid a lot of attention to their stage acting.

Felix running and jumping on WooYoung caught our attention the most from this stage (and probably most of the viewers too). This move has a high level of difficulty and has most probably required a lot of practice. Felix and WooYoung are from two different groups but they looked as if they were from the same with their trust and teamwork! Check out the move below.

Here is what you should not have missed from MAYFLY stage too:

Peniel made a superb entrance with wolves on his leash and showed his crumping.

The whole group had a good synchronization despite their number of members on stage for this performance.

Last but not least, here are some eye-catchy moves that need some spotlight:  SeongHwa bitting a dancer's neck, San's perfect facial expressions, and WooYoung's climbing the hill as a wolf (in the full cam he is also seen jumping from there).

Check out the full performances below.

Don't miss the full cams below.

The individual fan cams are also available on Mnet K-Pop YouTube don't miss them.

What about you? Which move(s) stole your heart? Let us know in the comment!

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May 15, 2021 12:01 am

Stan SF9, Stan YooTaeYang

May 14, 2021 09:01 pm

Yoo taeyang 🌞🔥

May 14, 2021 05:58 pm

SF9's YooTaeyangs sword moves the best..
No actually IT'S 1 is the best