10 K-idols Who Have Created Their Own Style Of Trot Singing



10 K-idols Who Have Created Their Own Style Of Trot Singing

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Trot, which may be the first K-pop, is particularly noticeable on Korean music industry. The genre definitely have caught the young generation’s attention with the debut of Jang Yoon-Jeong who is called a young trot queen and debuted in 2004. With a rookie trot singer Hong Jin-Young appearing on media such as Gayo Shows and TV programs, the younger trot rookies’ debut became active, and this changed the trend of music industry in Korea.

As a national holiday day approaches, the hundreds of thousands gear up to enjoy the cultural day. As an example of the continuing popularity of trot, there are recent compliation videos of K-idols. Even though they’re not all professional trot singers, some became known as a strong trot singer after their performances in a new feature on a holiday. What exactly is Korean trot music? For better people’s understanding, we have compiled a list of the delightful trot stages! Well, check out how do they enjoy them.


Delightful Trot Songs Sung By Kpop Idols


BTOB – Father’s Youth


Miss A – That Person In Shinsadong


BIG BANG Daesung – Look At Me Gwisoon


IU – My Dear is Far Away


4minute – Sneaking Love


Orange Caramel – Love Battery


Seol Woon Do & Lumin – Love Twist


APINK Jung Eun-Ji – Flower


SHINee Onew & f(x) Luna – Because I’m a Girl


BEAST – Weeds

The moments were full of gorgeous colorful lights and fancy costumes. The flashy lighting and loud funky music heated up groovy stages! Plus, The standout celebrities, who have much skill in intrigue, make a fantastic ending to the special days happily. So, do these artists actually believe and feel the genre of trot?