10 Language Master K-Pop Idols Who Can Speak More Than 3 Languages

Here’s 10 geniuses who can speak fluently in more than 3 languages.

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I’m not talking about the simple greeting or short words. 10 K-Pop idols below can speak FLUENTLY in more than 3 languages! As some of you can relate to, most people sometimes feel like they don’t use well even in their native language. However, K-Pop and Hallyu become bigger and wider all around the world, so idols can’t be stable if they target only Korean any more. In global K-Pop market, not only English, but also other languages like Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French are strongly needed. For this reason, Some of 10 idols here were trained to learn a new language for several years in order to have activities abroad. But some of them didn’t intended to learn as idols, just studied foreign languages for any other reasons. Below, Kpopmap arranged 10 language master idols with the reason why they learned and which languages. Check them out!

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1. SHINee‘s Key

3 Languages (Korean, English, Japanese)

Key never has studied abroad before, but he learned those languages when he was a trainee in SM entertainment. Also, he confessed that he got a good sense of languages.

Key, SHINee



2. CL

4 Languages (Korean, English, Japanes, French)

CL lived in Japan for 7 years, in France for 2 years when she was younger, so she can’t speak in Japanese and French.  Also, she went to International schools so she is good at speaking English.

Due to her fluent languages skills and international experiences, she is targeting American music market with her global sense.


ELLE Singapore


3. Rap Monster of BTS

3 Languages (Korean, English, Japanese)

Rap Monster never has been aborad, but he only studied 2 foreign languages by himself.

Rap Monster, BTS



4. HyeRim of Wonder Girls

4 Languages (Korean, English, Chinese, Mandarin)

She got opportunities to learn different languages while she lived in Hong Kong for 14 years.

HyeRim, Wonder Girls



5. Jackson of GOT7

4 Languages (Korean, English, Chinese, Mandarin)

He also lived in Hong Kong and studied in International high school, so he could learn different languages. He speaks so fluent in Korean!




6. Hani of EXID

3 Languages (Korean, English, Chinese)

Hani has once lived in China, so she can speak fluently in Chinese. 


banna culture entertainment


7. Mark of GOT7

3 Languages (Korean, English, Chinese)

Mark is a Taiwanese American, so he is good at speaking Chinese and English.




8. Amber of F(x)

3 Languages (Korean, English, Chinese)

Amber is a Taiwanese American, so she speak fluent Chinese and English. Also, it’s been a quiet long time after she became K-Pop idol in Korea, so she is good at Korean, too.




9. Ok TaekYeon of 2PM

4 Languages (Korean, English, Spanish, Japanese)

When he studied abroad in America, he learned Spanish and English. Also, his Japanese is so perfect enough to answer fluently to every Japanese interview questions without any help.

Ok TaekYeon,

Ok TaekYeon’s Instagram


10. Henry

6 Languages (Korean, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Thai)

He learned Chinese and Mandarin from his Hong Konger father and Taiwanese mother. When he lived in Canada, he could learn French and English naturally. Henry’s Thai is completed when he lived in Thailand for movie shooting. 



Ambassador Idols: Language Geniuses

Let’s see which idols were born with special talent.

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K-idols are tired of working on the stuffy schedules every day. When we think about their great talents, we can guess they must have been busy for practicing in their pre-natal times. People say that genius people were born with the talent. This is not exceptional for K-idols. Many of them show off their inborn talents in numbers of special fields. Kpopmap has compiled a number of idols who were born with special feature which has affected their lives considerably.

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As countries get closer and closer to one another because of globalization, speaking a couple of languages is considered as the most important. Like ambassadors, some idols show their great talent in languages, so they can speak at least three different languages. Let’s see which idols are those language geniuses.


CL – 2NE1

4 languages available: Korean, English, Japanese and French. Her educated family background enabled her to acquire 4 languages possible. Her multilingual ability supports her global achievement.

CL 2ne1 language genius idols


HyeRim – Wonder Girls

3 languages available: Korean, English and Chinese. She moved to Hong Kong when she was young to follow her father. Her father is a famous Taekondo master in Hong Kong. Because of her father, she could face multi cultures there.

hyerim wonder girls language genius idols


Key – SHINee

3 languages available: Korean, English and Japanese. Because of his parents’ assertion about importance of language, he has learned a number of languages from his childhood. He does English interviews as a representative of his team, SHINee. Moreover, he can speak perfect Nagoya dialect.   

shinee key language genius idols

Instiz & Top Star News

Eric Nam

4 languages available: Korean, English, Spanish and Chinese. Eric is a smart student who longs for more and more things to learn. He graduated Boston College and got the income of year as about 100,000 dollars, but gave up his career and came to Korea for his dream. He gave a tip of his language studying knowhow in a TV show.

eric nam language genius idols

Pikicast & B2M Entertainment

Idols Who Never Studied Abroad but Speak Fluent English

Learning language is one of the most difficult things to do especially to a fully grown person. It’s hard for some to even speak fluently although they have studied abroad to learn the language.

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However, for others, learning language and using it fluently though they never studied in foreign countries seemed to be quite easy.
Here are idols whose got the tongues of English though they have never studied abroad. Wish we could learn English one on one with them…


1st – UmJi of GFriend

KPop, KPop Idols, Idols Who Speaks English, Smart Idols, Brainiac Idols

HashTag_GFriend Twitter


2nd – Rap Monster of BTS

KPop, KPop Idols, Idols Who Speaks English, Smart Idols, Brainiac Idols

BangtansFansite Twitter


3rd – Son NaEun of Apink

KPop, KPop Idols, Idols Who Speaks English, Smart Idols, Brainiac Idols

PetitePomme0210 Twitter


4th – Key of SHINee

KPop, KPop Idols, Idols Who Speaks English, Smart Idols, Brainiac Idols

inoursoul_ios Twitter


5th – SooYoung of SNSD

KPop, KPop Idols, Idols Who Speaks English, Smart Idols, Brainiac Idols

NHuyHai Twitter


6th – SeungRi of BIGBANG

KPop, KPop Idols, Idols Who Speaks English, Smart Idols, Brainiac Idols

WHENEVER247_ Twitter


7th – JinYeong of GOT7

KPop, KPop Idols, Idols Who Speaks English, Smart Idols, Brainiac Idols

TODAK_JB Twitter


8th – BoA

KPop, KPop Idols, Idols Who Speaks English, Smart Idols, Brainiac Idols

yejin1817 Twitter


9th – Cha EunWoo of ASTRO

KPop, KPop Idols, Idols Who Speaks English, Smart Idols, Brainiac Idols

babysbreath330 Twitter


10th – Ilhoon of BTOB

KPop, KPop Idols, Idols Who Speaks English, Smart Idols, Brainiac Idols


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Three Male Idols with Sexy Brains

Who are the three male idols with sexy brains?

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There are idols that are so sexy, even their “brain is sexy”. BLOCK B’s Park Kyung, BTSRap Monster, ASTRO’s Cha EunWoo are these idols with sexy brains.

Let’s take a closer look at these idols with sexy brains.

Park Kyung from BLOCK B is well known for his brains. He is a member of mathematic prodigy group that only the top 0.0002% of Koreans can qualify for. He also has passed the Mensa test, that only those with the top 2% IQ can enter, last September, proving his smartness.

Rap Monster is another sexy monster to look out for. Rap Monster speaks 4 different languages including English, Chinese, and Japanese. His IQ has also caught the attention of the public, having a 148 IQ. Rap Monster received the top 1% grade in mock College Scholastic Ability Test in his first year of high school. He also said he scored 850 in the first TOEIC (English ability test) he took.

Last but not least, Cha EunWoo is our third idol with sexy brains. Cha EunWoo was the president of the school body in school, and can play several instruments including the piano and flute. His high “spec” of awards he won in English speaking contests, Mathematics, and other competitions was revealed on “Problematic Men”, catching the eyes of the public.

Do you know any other idols with sexy brains?

male idols, boy group, bts, block b, park kyung, rap monster, astro, cha eunwoo


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6 K-Pop Idol Ladies who Never Lived Abroad but Speak Fantastic English

Who said you only learn English when you live aboard for half your life?

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Speaking English is a mandatory skill in surviving the Korean economy. Young toddlers are taught English when they are super tiny – sometimes before they can even speak Korean! With English being considered such a high demand in society, many Koreans live abroad in an English speaking country. However, these 6 K-Pop ladies show you that you don’t need to spend thousands on studying abroad to speak English!

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Here are the 6 impressive ladies who never lived abroad, but have fantastic speaking skills.


1. APink’s Son NaEun

kpop idols speak english, english speaking kpop idols, son naeun english

APink Studio

2. I.O.I’s SoHye

kpop idols speak english, english speaking kpop idols, sohye english



3. Han SeungYeon

kpop idols speak english, english speaking kpop idols, han seungyeon english



4. GFriend’s UmJi

kpop idols speak english, english speaking kpop idols, umji english


5. 15&’s JiMin Park

kpop idols speak english, english speaking kpop idols, park jimin english



6. EXID’s Hani

kpop idols speak english, english speaking kpop idols, hani english

Girl Group Daechup Kiyeookhani