10 Main Dancers of Girl Groups Dancing in a Whole Different Level

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To debut as an idol, trainees have to reach a certain level of dancing, singing, and overall performing. 

The marginal line dividing one from being a trainee and being an idol is not so low, and that’s the reason why trainees go through years of practicing. However, there are those who are innately born with a talent. Their talent is not just the talents every trainee has. Some just skip the training period and debut after few months for they are born qualified. 

Today, we are going to look through the list of main dancers of girl groups who dance in a whole different level! 

#1 – Mei Qi of WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Despite the fact that she is one of the Maknae lines of WJSN, she is the best dancer!


#2 – Momo of TWICE

How Momo can move and express herself through dancing was proven from SIXTEEN.


#3 – SeulGi of Red Velvet

SeulGi was born with the talent, and with her talent, she was trained for over seven years.  What more?


#4 – HyoYeon of SNSD

HyoYeon is known to be one of the most powerful dancers of all girl and boy idols!


#5 – Lisa of BLACKPINK
With her long arms and long legs, Lisa can express anything in a very catchy way.


#6 – SinB of GFriend

Another well-known rising rookie dancer, SinB played a big role in building GFriend’s reputation by her amazing moves.



#7 – Mimi & YooA of Oh My Girl

Although Oh My Girl members all look so shy and cute, there are powerful dancers hiding within!


#8 – YeIn of Lovelyz

Similar to Oh My Girl, Lovelyz has the image of pure young girls. However, YeIn’s moves cannot be considered YOUNG here.


#9 – JeongHwa of EXID

Although a lot of people think Hani is the best dancer, Hani admires JeongHwa’s dance moves and the line she has.


#10 – EunJin of DIA

EunJin is quick to get the points to be highlighted in any dance moves. Whatever she copies, it becomes hers.

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