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Naver -the most used search engine in Korea- offers a lot of data in relation to the most searched keywords on its platform.

You would already know about the daily ranking of the most searched dramas, but Naver has a lot of other rankings such as the most searched news topic, the most searched news topic in entertainment and sports, and much more.

Among these rankings of the most searched, the platform has a ranking of the most searched drama characters in Korea with a daily ranking. It is quite interesting to see which characters are the most searched.

This list is based on the data of July 15 daily searched drama characters.

 10 Most Searched Drama Characters In Korea (Based On July 15 Data)

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1- Park JoonYoung - "Do You Like Brahms?" / by Kim MinJae

2- Goo SeRa - "Memorials" / by NaNa

3- Yi HaEung - "Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny" / by Jun KwangRyul

4- Empress MyeongSeong - "Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny" / by Park JeongYeon

5- Ko MunYoung - "It's Okay To Not Be Okay" / by Seo YeJi

6- Kim MinJae -  "Memorials" / by Han JoonWoo

7- Jang GyeoWool - "Hospital Playlist" / by Shin HyunBin

8- Kim JiWoo - "My Unfamiliar Family" / by Shin JaeHa

9- Chae SongHwa - "Hospital Playlist" / by Jeon MiDo

10- Yeo DaKyung - "The World of the Married" / by Han SoHee

 10 Most Searched Drama Characters In Korea (Based On July 15 Data)

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Park JoonYoung by Kim MinJae made a huge jump of 99 ranks. The drama "Do You Like Brahms?" will start on August 31 and the first pictures from the drama were just released.

The drama "Memorials" airs Wednesday and Thursday explaining the jump of Goo SeRa by NaNa and Kim MinJae by Han JoonWoo on that day. Han JoonWoo made an impressive jump of 437 ranks.

Most probably people were curious about the actors of the characters and searched for their name through their character’s names. They also might have searched for information about the character.

Did you ever search for these characters? Do you find the ranking interesting?


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