Which dramas do you think Koreans are searching the most for? Which current drama catches the curiosity of Koreans?

Naver has a ranking of the most searched dramas in Korea with a daily ranking. Being searched online does not mean that these dramas are the most watched, but it is the most issued dramas of the day. It is also interesting to see the changing trends with dramas going up and down from the searching list (changing every day).

This list is based on the data of Apr. 19 daily searched dramas.

 10 Most Searched Dramas In Korea (Based On Apr. 19 Data)

JTBC / SBS / tvN / KBS / OCN / Netflix / MBC

1- “The World of the Married”

2- “The King: Eternal Monarch"

3- “Hi Bye, Mama!

4- “Hospital Playlist

5- “Once Again”

6- “Rugal

7- “Itaewon Class

8- “Kingdom 2

9- "Mr. Sunshine"

10- "365: Repeat the Year"

 10 Most Searched Dramas In Korea (Based On Apr. 19 Data)

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This week “The World of the Married” topped the ranking, followed by “The King: Eternal Monarch" and “Hi Bye, Mama!”. "Itaewon Class" and "Mr. Sunshine" ended but were in the top 10.

You can also check the most searched dramas of Apr. 12 here.

Are you also looking for these dramas?


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