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Which dramas do you think Koreans are searching the most for? Which current drama catches the curiosity of Koreans?

Naver has a ranking of the 10 most searched dramas in Korea. Being searched online does not mean that these dramas are the most watched, ratings are more important for this. However, being searched means an interest and somehow a popularity from the public. It is also interesting to see the changing trends with dramas going up and down from the searching list.

With the end of the year, many dramas canceled the airing of their episodes. This did not stop Korean netizens to search for dramas on Naver.

This list is based on the data of January 1st daily searched dramas.

1- “SKY Castle”

2- “The Last Empress

3- “Memories Of The Alhambra

4- "My Strange Hero"

5- “Clean With Passion For Now

6- "Vagabond"

7- “My Only One”

8- “Bad Detective” 

9- “Encounter

10- "Secrets and Lies"

 10 Most Searched Dramas In Korea (Based On January 1st Data)

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“SKY Castle” is one of the hottest dramas of the moment in Korea and it keeps its first place on the ranking. "Vagabond", drama with Lee SeungGi and Suzy to air on SBS in May 2019, just released its first teaser, the drama jumped up 62 ranked because of it.

You can also check the most searched dramas of December 3rd here.

Are you also curious about "Vagabond"?


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