On July 14, Good Data Corporation released their weekly ranking of the most talked celebrities in airing TV shows for the second week of July.

The data are collected from the netizen’s reactions to online news, community, Social Media and videos.

 10 Most Talked About Celebrities In Airing TV Shows On 2nd Week Of July

Mnet / JTBC / SBS / MBC

1- “Produce X 101” - Choi ByungChan

2- “Produce X 101” – Kim WooSeok

3- "Camping Club" - Lee HyoRi

4- “Produce X 101” – Kim YoHan

5– “Produce X 101” – Cho SeungYeon

6- “Produce X 101” – Han SeungWoo

7- "Knowing Bros" - ITZY

8- “Law of the Jungle” – Lee YeolEum

9-“Produce X 101” – Koo JungMo

10- "I Live Alone" - Sung Hoon

 10 Most Talked About Celebrities In Airing TV Shows On 2nd Week Of July

Good Data Corporation

Like for the last few weeks, the ranking is full of trainees of “Produce X 101”. This week Choi ByungChan took the top of the ranking with a jump of 20 ranks after the announcement of his departure of the show due to health issues.

Kim WooSeok lost the first place he was in for five weeks, he ranked second. Kim YoHan and Cho SeungYeon lost 2 ranks each and ranked 4th and 5th.

Han SeungWoo and Koo JungMo rose in ranks and ranked 6th and 9th. Lee EunSang disappeared from the list.

ITZY was guest on "Knowing Bros" and ranked 7th.

You can check the ranking for the first week of July here.


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