10 Non-Korean K-Pop Idols Who Have Better Handwriting Than Koreans


10 Non-Korean K-Pop Idols Who Have Better Handwriting Than Koreans


As a non-Korean idol, it is definitely not easy to learn the Korean language! However on the other hand, it might be interesting to notice how some of the non-Korean idols actually have very pretty Korean handwriting.

Recently on an online community, netizens were complimenting several idols who have really neat and pretty handwriting.

Let’s find out who they are!


#1 GOT7‘s Mark

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One time, Mark showed his appreciation for his fans by flashing a handwritten message during a V-Live session! His Korean handwriting is neat and adorable!



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YG Entertainment

Despite her fierce and charismatic image, Lisa actually has a very adorable personality! Fans could also tell from the way she writes a handwritten message to them that she is cute too.


#3 WJSN‘s ChengXiao

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One time, WJSN’s ChengXiao wrote to her fans a handwritten letter to show thanks for celebrating her birthday together. Fans who had seen it talked about how organized and tidy her Korean handwriting is!


#4 Wanna One‘s Lai KuanLin

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Remember the time when many people called Lai KuanLin a ‘chick trainee’? Viewers love his image and how adorable he is when he wrote a message to the viewers explaining that he is bad in Korean.


#5-8 TWICE‘s Momo, Mina, Sana, Tzuyu

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TWICE has 4 non-Korean members and all have really neat, tidy and adorable Korean handwritings! Fans love to see how much effort they had put in learning the language and are also very proud of their achievements.


#9 PRISTIN‘s KyulKyung

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If you have been a fan of KyulKyung since Mnet “Produce 101” Season 1, you might have remembered how she mentioned that she had trained under Pledis Entertainment for 5 years. Not only does she speaks Korean fluently, many are also impressed by her handwriting.


#10 NCT‘s Yuta

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On one of the most recent episode of MBC “Idol Room”, NCT’s Yuta is getting praised by many for his neat and beautiful Korean handwriting. They even said that he writes better than a Korean!


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