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One of the biggest streaming music sites in South Korea is Melon Music and as most K-Pop fans might have already known, it is a music application used by many Koreans.

Some netizens have researched about the hit tracks from K-Pop idols which had stayed within the top 100 rankings for over a year.

Let us know if you recognize all of these popular tracks.


#1 IU- 'Friday'

This song is well-loved by many as it describes literally the night on a Friday. This is also because many could relate to the lyrics of this song. It stayed in the chart for over 96 weeks before it was out of the chart.


#2 BTS- 'Blood Sweat & Tears'

One of BTS's most popular songs got to be this hit track which allowed them to shoot to fame. It stayed in the chart for 77 weeks. Currently, it is also out of the chart.


#3 BTS- 'Spring Day'

BTS managed to touch many once again when they came back with this heartwarming song in 2017. It has been in the chart for over 74 weeks and is still making records by charting on the 24th position as of July 31st 2018 1 pm KST.


#4 TWICE- 'Cheer Up'

Known as one of the nation's most well-loved groups, the members of TWICE had their song up in the chart for over 68 weeks. Sadly it is currently not in the chart.


#5 WINNER- 'Really Really'

'Really Really' really pushed WINNER's fame to the next level as almost everyone loved it when they came back with this song! It was up in the chart for over 67 weeks.


#6 SoYou X JungGiGo- 'Some'

Be it couples or singles, those who had listened to this song would be able to relate to their love stories with the lyrics of this song. Many users love this song and it charted for 67 weeks straight as well.


#7 Raina X San E- 'A Midsummer Night's Sweetness'

This is another song which makes many want to fall in love as the lyrics describe the sweetness of falling in love during a warm night. It was in the chart for 66 weeks!


#8 GFriend- 'Me Gustas Tu'

GFriend's lovely and sweet track managed to capture the attention of many. Who would be able to resist their sweet vocals and girly choreography? It remained on the chart for 63 weeks.


#9 BLACKPINK- 'As If It's Your Last'

This was BLACKPINK's last comeback before their latest release of 'Ddu Du Ddu Du'. Many fans love how upbeat and addictive the song was. Even up to till now, many are still listening to it. It remained in the chart for 56 weeks before it was out.


#10 Red Velvet- 'Red Flavor'

This song from Red Velvet was known as the summer song for many and fans love the vibrant colors and energizing choreography. It remained in the chart for 54 weeks before it was out.


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Aug 1, 2018 05:26 am

I really song of GFRIEND and BT5S

Jul 31, 2018 05:46 pm

Winner's really really is one my playlist too. I listen to it everyday!