10 Things About 97-Line Idols Currently In Famous Korean College

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10 Things About 97-Line Idols Currently In Famous Korean College

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Idol group members who made debut early ages and became popular with vigorous activities will soon be university students.

We expect celebrities to be a lot of things — attractive, talented, comfortable with endless judgement. And we guess it’s true that some have both brains and beauty. As it turns out, some incredibly successful singers and actors have also excelled in the classroom, earning some crazy degrees from some very prestigious schools. Sure, we’ve all heard about Korean actress Moon GeunYoung’s never-ending degree chase. 

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The spring semester has started, and college students are returning to campus refreshed and rejuvenated. Here are a few big name celebs who got the fame but also got the grades. See which Korean young celebrities are attending college this semester and find out where your favorite celebrities went to college and what they studied. It must have been difficult to balance acting and school, but they are glad that they achieved good results. It is predicted that many stars in their late teens will take part in more mature entertainment business as freshmen. 


1. SoWon – GFriend

SoWon who is a leader of GFriend, one of the recent hot girl group, became a freshman. She entered the Faculty of Media Vision Acting in SungShin Women’s University. She graduated from high school in 2014, but became a new college student two years later because of her debut activities.GFRIEND SOWON

2. Yeo JinGoo – Actor

An actor Yeo JinGoo, the rising star, is accepted by Department Theater and Film of Chung-Ang University which produced many excellent actors. His graduating seniors are Park JoongHun, Go SoYoung, Ha JungWoo, HyunBin, Park ShinHye, Go Ara and so on.

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3. Kim MinJae – Actor

Kim MinJae who became popular by appearing on a TV drama, ‘Twenty Again’ went to the same University with Yeo JinGoo. He was accepted by the Department Theater and Film of Chung-Ang University through nonscheduled admission. He was born in 1996, and entered the Unversity a year later.

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4. WooShin & SunYoul – UP10TION

WooShin and SunYoul, members of UP10TION also became new college students. They are accepted by Dong-Ah Broadcasting College, and will major in Theater and K-pop.

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5. Cha EunWoo – Astro

During ASTRO’s debut promotions, Cha Eun Woo is receiving a lot of love and interest from the netizens for his fair skin, small face, tall height and intellectual charms. Because he was accepted into Sungkyunkwan Univ in Acting Department without seeing the SAT.

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astro chaeunwoo

6. Yuk JiDam – Rapper

Famous high school rapper, Yook JiDam, was accepted Practical Music of Dongduk Women’s University through nonscheduled admission, so more music activity will be expected.YUK JIDAM

7. Jung SeungHwan – SBS “K-Pop Star4”

Jung SeungHwan from TV singing competition “K-pop Star: Season 4” has always been wise and passionate, so he will probably take some time to think about her career and future before making the final decision. He who won a runner–up in the K-Pop audition program entered Practical Music of Seokyeong University, and his fans are looking forward to more deep musical sensibility. 

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8. Seo ShinAe – Actress

“High Kick Through the Roof” star Seo ShinAe is to become a college student for the spring semester after being admitted to Sungkyunkwan Univ in Acting Department at the young age of 18 (Korean age). The teenage star has been homeschooled since graduating middle school, which has enabled her to catch up with high school seniors faster than others her age.seo shin ae

9. Park SunHo – Actor

‘Rude MIss Young Ae 14’ star Park SunHo became the new top ‘well-rounded’ actor. He was accepted into the theater department of Konkuk University and the admission was before gaining the popularity as a rookie actor, showing his passion for the art field as he worked all by himself to get into the school.park sun ho

10.  Soon-to-be freshman

– Ryu SuJeong – Lovelyz / JiHo & Binnie – OH MY GIRL / GFriend – YuJu & EunHa

– DoGyum, MinGyu, SeungKwan – SEVENTEEN / YuGyeom – GOT7 

The annual college scholastic aptitude test (CSAT) was last November and some young celebrities were facing the challenge. Among them are Mingyu, DoKyeom and SeungKwan from boy band SEVENTEEN and girl band GFriend’s YuJun and EunHa. Also putting pen to paper are girl band singers ChaeWon from April, JiHo and Binnie from OH MY GIRL and Eunha, Yuju and . SuJeong from girl band Lovelyz. Yugyeom from boy band GOT7 also took the test. In contrast with them, some of high school student stars had postponed the exam to concentrate on their careers. These include girl band singers JiHyo from TWICE, and Baek YeRin and Park JiMin from 15&.

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high school idols

1. SoWon – GFriend: Watch This!!

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10. Soon-to-be freshman: Watch This!!