The next PPAP virus is here, and it’s called the Mannequin Challenge! Find out which K-Pop idols got on board to stand perfectly still as a rock.

Just when one virus fad starts to die down, a new challenge pops up to keep us entertained. K-Pop idols are loving this whole Mannequin Challenge where they stand perfectly still mid-motion while the camera makes its way around. It gives off the feeling that the we’re seeing the 3D version of one moment in time. A ton of idols have already gotten on board, but find out which of the idols nailed the best performance!

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Here’s our list of 10 K-Pop idols’ Mannequin Challenge that we loved the most!


1. GFriend

The GFriend girls were the first pick for M2’s Mannequin Challenge Music Video! The girls can be seen doing various poses at the Hong Kong hotel, where MAMA was being held.


2. K.A.R.D

Even before their debut, K.A.R.D made headlines for their unique and fun mannequin challenge. The group didn’t just do it with the 4 members, they got the whole production crew involved!


3. SF9

FNC’s rookie boy group, SF9 took on the challenge at their practice rooms. From ramen eating to difficult acrobatics, the boys showed us the average day at the SF9 studio in still-life!


4. Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

The cutesy girls of Cosmic Girls hung out at a cafe, and time stood still as each girl posed in a variety of still life positions. Each pose clearly showed each member’s characteristic to the T!



VICTON took on the mannequin challenge as SuBin walked around the boys’ waiting room putting earbuds up ByungChan’s nose, slapping a frozen SeungWoo and more – eventually getting in trouble by his older brothers.



Have you ever seen such dorky and adorable mannequins before? Each of the MOMOLAND members posed in such odd and dorky poses. The girls shortly break into their cute “JJan! Koong! Kwang!” dance to finish off!



1theK chose PENTAGON as their “Next to the Waiting Room Live” video’s guests. The boys begin by posing in still life inside their waiting room and Hui goes around playing jokes on the members!



VIXX can arguably be the 1st K-Pop idols to start the mannequin challenge. The boys are back at it again as they pull a cute stunt on San E!



How can the hottest rookie girl group not participate in the hottest social media trend? BLACKPINK donned the challenge for a preview of 2016’s SBS Awards Festival!



SEVENTEEN has completed the most challenging challenge of the mannequin challenge. The boys nail not only 1 type of pose, but three! Not to mention, each pose is so darn hilarious.


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