10 Things: K-Pop Idols’ Pre-Debut Audition Tapes

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10 Things: K-Pop Idols’ Pre-Debut Audition Tapes

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Before they hit stardom, they had to get discovered first.

They may be living the high life with all the riches and fame now, but before they hit it off big time, our favorite idols were regular people too. The one thing that set them apart was their undying dream to become the next K-Pop stars. Although they faced challenges, trials, backlash and suffering, these idols made it, because they grit their teeth and worked hard for their success. Their challenges didn’t start after debuting; it started with getting discovered through multiple auditions!

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For those of you dreaming to become a K-Pop idol, we hope this compilation gives you some motivation and hope! These K-Pop idols didn’t make it big with one audition, some took years! Good luck!!  😀 

1. IU

IU is a history maker of ups and downs. IU auditioned 20 times, but continuously failed or was scammed by a fake company. Amidst those auditions were auditions for JYP, which was ultimately unable to commit to IU. She trained at Good Entertainment, before the company failed. But she finally found success by auditioning for LOEN Entertainment. Way to work for your dreams, girl!


2. Suga of BTS

Although he may be stealing girls’ hearts left and right today, Suga started off as a budding K-Pop dreamer. Before he was found by Big Hit Entertainment, he was producing his own rap songs by himself. However, they didn’t get noticed by the public. But that’s ok, because he had auditioned for Big Hit and was luckily casted. He’s now the main producing member of the K-Pop powerhouse called, BTS!


3. Park Bom of 2NE1

2NE1’s main power vocalist wasn’t welcomed into YG with open arms at first try. Bom actually had to auditioned again and again until she was finally given a chance by Papa YG. Yang HyunSeok even admitted that when they first saw Bom, they thought that she was pretty, but her vocal skills didn’t match their standards. But Bom didn’t give up! She auditioned continuously for 2 years. After seeing her dedication and continuous improvements, YG eventually got lost in her charms and welcomed her in.


4. SeungYoon of WINNER

SeungYoon’s story is motivational to say the least. After getting betrayed by people he thought were friends during middle school, SeungYoon suffered from depression. He never left his room and didn’t even attend school. After watching his mother (who raised him by herself) crying for his suffering, SeungYoon decided get his head on straight and audition for SuperStar K2. The stars were definitely aligned for him as he placed fourth and was casted by YG. However, that wasn’t his last audition. He had to undergo another competitive and challenging audition process called “WIN” to finally debut as the leader of WINNER!


5. ChoRong of APink

APink’s ChoRong didn’t become the leader of one of the hottest K-Pop girl groups by chance. She had auditioned for JYP back in 2009, but had ultimately debuted under Cube Entertainment. Although Cube is not affiliated with JYP, Cube was co-founded by JYPE’s former president. This makes us wonder if he had an eye on ChoRong’s talent since back in 2009!


6. JunHoe of iKON

iKON’s dancing machine, JunHoe, was also an alumni of JYP auditions. JunHoe had actually gotten to the final round of JYP Entertainment, but it remains unsure if he ever joined the company. We know the end result was that JYP and JunHoe weren’t destined, but JunHoe continued to audition through various ways. He auditioned to appear on the show “Star King”, he auditioned through the reality program “K-Pop Star”, and finally auditioned through two of YG’s boy group televised auditions, “WIN” and “MIX & MATCH”.


7. NaYeon of TWICE

NaYeon has a different story than the rest. She secretly auditioned for JYP Entertainment back in 2010, and was actually casted! She continue to train as a part of a small group called 6Mix, but the group failed to go through with their plans to debut. She stuck on with JYP through the change, and eventually participated in the televised audition for JYP’s new girl group, TWICE.


8. Xiumin of EXO

Before he debuted as the fake-oldest-member of EXO, Xiumin had auditioned for JYP. Although his plans for JYP fell through, Xiumin didn’t give up. He participated in SM Entertainment’s SM Everysing Contest, and placed second. With his win, he was cast into the company and eventually debuted as the mandoo oppa of EXO!


9. HaNi of EXID

Before she found her big break through her fancam, she had to become a member of EXID. Before she became a member of EXID, she had to audition for Yedang Entertainment. Before she auditioned for Yedang, she was a member of a potential group from JYP. HaNi had actually auditioned for JYP and made it into their training program. She, along with other well known K-Pop idols, were a part of a planned girl group in JYP. However, once plans fell through, HaNi was cut from the company for her ‘lack of potential’. It’s all good though, because she found her lucky streak through Yedang and Banana Culture!


10. JR of GOT7

Before he got the name JR for having the same name as his CEO, he had to actually had to have a CEO. JR auditioned for JYP during an open audition. JB and he tied for first place, believe it or not! His entrance didn’t mean the end. He had to audition for his various acting roles and prove himself through JJ Project to finally debut as a member of GOT7!