10 Things You May Know Idol Pets and Their Famous Parents

From GD’s pup Gaho to Heechul’s cat Heebum, see 42 of our favorite bias that are sure to bring a smile to your face! 

While there are many famous cats, hedgehogs, capybaras, piglets, and birds, we can find all of them on the celebrities’ private life. As animal lovers know, these stars are well-known for their love of pets, they’ve taken to their own SNS to let the worldwide fans know it! Plus, the dumb friends make its rare the SNS all the more special.  The loveable little animals must have definitely stolen your heart. So which furry pal is the most adorable? And who are these lucky star animals who are more popular than you on Instagram? Peep the list to find out and you decide!



10 Things You May Know

Idol Pets and Their Famous Parents



1. CL’s Donut

Type : Snoopy the Cat

The special exotic kitty will always have a special place in our hearts, so obviously CL’s cat Donut was included on our list. cl-donut.jpg


2. GD’s Gaho

Type : Shar Pei

The A-list singer owns a dog which are notorious among his fans. The famous pet had recently to stay at the academy for a longer period since GD was busy with schedules and couldn’t provide the care Gaho needed at the


3. HeeChul’s HeeBum 

Type : Russian Blue

Super Junior Heechul especially loves cats. “I was raised as a cat person,” he said. “I don’t really know how to take care of a dog, but I think I’m pretty good with cats … All my recent cats have been named after characters from the literary world.”heechul-pet.jpg


4. Taeyeon’s Ginger

Type : Toy Poodle

Taeyeon, who is known for an leader of the top idol girl group, Girls’ Generation, is really excited to see Ginger, because she’s dog people and love playing with her dog. Her IG is already full of the dog because ginger has more selfies than his owner.taeyeon-ginger.jpg


5.  Jaejoong’s Hiro 

Type : Poodle

Jaejoong is dorky, cute, hot, and you get the point. But did you guys ever know that he owns a pet himself? Meet Hiro, Jaejoong’s pet. The idol-actor always upload photos of the dog on his SNS and feel that he’s the proud parent of a puppy named hiro.jaejoong-pet.jpg


6. Key’s Comme des and Garcons

Type : Toy Poodle

Key is well-known for being one of K-Pop’s leading fashionistas, and has created his own identity with chic and edgy looks. Even the names of his beloved dogs were inspired by fashion, particularly the Japanese clothing brand Comme des Garçons (one dog is named Comme des and the other is Garçons).shinee-key-pet.jpg


7. Lee Hyori’s Soon Shim Yi

Type : Poodle Mix

Back in 2012 Hyori adopted SoonShim from an animal shelter and is too cute. She joins pet siblings Mimi and Samsik.



8. Gain’s BongSamee

Type : American Shorthair Cat

BongSamee, an adorable cross-eyed cat is famous for her amusing antics on Twitter. If you’re a fan already, Search “BongSamee” on Twitter and you will find a popular profile (@BongSam) with nearly 13,000 followers despite just over 6,000 tweets. More impressively, the profile belongs to a cat.



9. SungYeol’s Jureumie

Type : Sphynx cat

Infinite Sungyeol has revealed that he got a new cat which he named ‘Jureumie’ (from “Jureum” meaning wrinkle). That cat is a Sphynx cat, they’re sacred animal in ancient Egypt. They’re too fabulous to need body hair.



Special 10. Mir’s Akdori

Type : Dwarf Caiman

An male idol‘s iguana isn’t the strangest animal. Lest you think that Mir is an irresponsible pet owner, at least he has also purchased an antidote serum against dwarf caiman bites for himself and anyone who comes into contact with Akdori.


Dal Shabet Members Reveal the Future Fate of the Girl Group

 Dal Shabet members SuBin, AYoung, and SeRi‘s contract to Happy Face Entertainment has ended. What will become of Dal Shabet in the future? 

The official stance of Happy Face Entertainment on the fate of Dal Shabet is ‘undecided’ at the moment. SeRi, leader of Dal Shabet has opened up through SNS that she can’t promise an exact date of her return.

Dal Shabet Profile, Dal Shabet, Dal Shabet Comeback, Dal Shabet Disbandment, Dal Shabet Disband

So far, there has never been a second generation K-Pop idol group that has actually fully reunited after having members leaving and moving on with their own career path.

Dal Shabet Profile, Dal Shabet, Dal Shabet Comeback, Dal Shabet Disbandment, Dal Shabet Disband


The majority of South Korean fans are currently expressing annoyance at the situation. They have expressed that it is better for an idol group to officially announce a hiatus or disbandment rather than leaving things unclear for everyone. Additionally, fans at this point don’t even seem to care anymore since the statements released by entertainment agencies are increasingly losing any sort of credibility.


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Red Velvet x TWICE Collaboration To Air On SBS Gayo Daejeon

According to a representative of SBS, K-Pop fans are in for a special treat before the end of 2017.

Irene and SeulGi of Red Velvet with NaYeon and DaHyun of TWICE will be performing as 1st generation veteran K-Pop girl group Fin.K.L members. Additionally, Wanna One members Kang Daniel, MinHyun, SungWoon, SeongWu, and WooJin, will appear on the show as 1st generation veteran K-Pop boy band H.O.T members as well.

Finkl, Finkl Profile, KPop Finkl


KPop HOT, HOT Profile, HOT, HOT Comeback


Red Velvet Profile, TWICE Profile, Red Velvet, Red Velvet Gayo DaeJeon, TWICE Gayo DaeJeon

TopStar News


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Japanese Netizens Are Begging This K-Pop Idol To Star In AV Porn Video

South Korean netizens are in a complete uproar at the moment. While history has proven that relations between South Korea and Japan have never been rosy, this recent incident is clearly another one on the long list of reasons why they will remain as enemies until the end.

A news article in Japan has surfaced that reports that Japanese netizens are demanding that K-Pop idol BoA star in an adult pornographic video. Inevitably, South Korean netizens have not responded well to this and are demanding answers and whatever appropriate legal action be taken. 

BoA, BoA Profile, KPop BoA, BoA Comeback, BoA Porn, BoA AV, BoA AV Japan


Below is the Japanese news article.

BoA, BoA Profile, KPop BoA, BoA Comeback, BoA Porn, BoA AV, BoA AV Japan

The Qoo

Although AV and pornography culture is perceived somewhat differently in Japan than in the rest of the world, the problem is that it involves a South Korean idol. South Korea is well known to be generally conservative and usually never speak about explicit topics in public. 


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