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Nate Pann

Ever since the end of Mnet “Produce X 101”, many fans are still very supportive of the 9 trainees who unfortunately did not become part of X1 .

Recently, Kpopmap wrote an article about how fans have come up with a group that consists of the 9 trainees, BYNINE, hoping to make their debut a dream come true.

 100 Million Won Raised Through Crowd Funding By Fans Of BYNINE

Nate Pann

There are a couple of social media accounts run by fans that are asking for donations to support the group. Through the funding, they will be putting up banners and ads in various public spaces such as subway stations.

As of July 22, they have received their target amount of funding (100 million won about USD84,000)!

It is amazing to see how strong their fanbase is and the ‘BYNINE 100 million won’ is also trending on Naver portal search on the 7th position as of July 23 3:49 pm KST.

 100 Million Won Raised Through Crowd Funding By Fans Of BYNINE


Many are hoping that they will be able to see BYNINE in the near future.

Are you also amazed by how supportive their fans are?


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I like the idea of BY9 as long as it’s what the boys themselves want, but I would much rather not have Jungmo and Wonjin so that they can debut in a “permanent” group than BY9 get in the way of that. I just think that they’ve been waiting so long for an official debut and fans really wanting them to get together in a project group shouldn’t ruin that. Same for the other boys. They might not want to take part in this, especially Jinhyuk and Yuvin, who have groups to go back to. I overall think it’s a… Read more »