The TOP Media brothers, 100% and UP10TION, have a grand time during their ride up on a bus!

On Tuesday, 100% started up their Naver V App for a live broadcast with their younger brothers, UP10TION. As the boys were riding up from their scheduled performance from 2016 Busan One Asia Festival, the boys shared a fun time with each other as if they were on their way to a vacation trip.

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Because the total members of the idol groups (15) and the staff were exceedingly large, TOP Media hired out an entire bus to take the crew down to Busan and back up to Seoul. When asked about their older brothers, UP10TION responded, "It's our first schedule ever with 100%. It's triple, quadruple times better." RockHyun complimented the boys right back by saying, "I was even more excited, because I got to see the live performances of our company younger brothers. WooShin was the MC, and I thought he looked really cool."

The boys played around with each others' title song as MinWoo joked, "Should we just go on a vacation and not return back to Seoul? "Tonight" might be the perfect night for it." JinHoo replied back, "Let's play "Like Hard (Korean title of 'Better Day')." The boys sang each others song and joked around as they safely made their way back home.

UP10TION and 100% fans can watch the whole live session HERE.

 100% and UP10TION Party Together On a Bus for Live V App

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