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11 K-Pop Groups That Will Break The 7-Year Curse In 2019

Are you familiar with the term ‘7-year curse’ in the K-Pop industry? For those who have not heard of it before, it refers to the saying of how certain K-Pop groups will not last for more than 7 years due to many issues such as contract renewal with the company.

There are many cases where one particular member may have plans for other activities such as acting or solo debut, causing the group to disband eventually.

However, despite that having said, there are also many groups that are expected to break the curse in 2019. Let’s find out who they are.


#1 AOA

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Star Daily News

The girls of AOA debuted back in July 2012 with their title track ‘Elvis’.



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EXID debuted in February 2012 with title track ‘Whoz That Girl’.


#3 Hello Venus

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Fantagio Entertainment

Hello Venus debuted in May 2012 with title track ‘Venus’.


#4 15&

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15& Official Website

The 2 girls who were only 15 (Korean age) debuted in October 2012 with ‘I Dream’.


#5 100%

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100% Facebook

100% debuted in September 2012 with debut track ‘We, 100%’.


#6 24K

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24K Facebook

24K debuted in September 2012 with title track ‘Hurry U’.



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Cube Entertainment

BTOB debuted in March 2012 with title track ‘Insane’.


#8 EXO

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EXO Facebook

EXO debuted in April 2012 with title track ‘Mama’.


#9 Nu’est

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Nu’est Facebook

Nu’est debuted in March 2012 with title track ‘Face’.


#10 VIXX

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VIXX Facebook

VIXX debuted in May 2012 with ‘Super Hero’.



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Big Star Facebook

BIGSTAR debuted in July 2012 with title track ‘Hot Boy’.


#12 B.A.P

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TS Entertainment

B.A.P debuted in January 2012 with title track ‘Warrior’.


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