11 Male Celebrities Who Became Even Manlier Over The Years

Just when we thought our perfect Korean biases couldn’t ‘glow up’ any further, they had to go ahead and prove us wrong!

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We’ve been keeping our eye on some of our favorite Korean actors and male idols and noticed that they’ve definitely switched up their workout routine since they first made it into the spotlight. Broad shoulders? Check. Wide chests? Check. Take a look at the eleven men that made our list, and be warned – it’s about to get hot in here.

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1. Park BoGum

park bo gum, manly, kpop 2017, korean actors 2017

OSEN / Blossom Entertainment

Park BoGum‘s shoulders are just getting broader and broader. Pair that with a height of 180 cm (5’9), and you’ve got one bona fide hunk!


2. Kim SooHyun

kim soo hyun, manly, kpop 2017, korean actors 2017

Naver / Ten Asia

Kim SooHyun first won our hearts as lanky country boy Song SamDong on the KBS drama “Dream High.” Flash forward to 2017, and he’s the star of action film “Real” – and has a ‘real’ action film body to match.


3. Kim WooBin

kim woobin, manly, kpop 2017, korean actors 2017


Kim WooBin has basically built is career around his manly image, specifically his broad shoulders. Back when he was just a model, he had more of a slim, straight physique, but these days his wide chest and strong shoulders have him looking like a real-life superhero.


4. Lee MinHo

lee minho, manly, kpop 2017, korean actors 2017

Star News / SeoGyung Star

Hallyu star Lee MinHo has always had rather masculine shoulders, but these days, his physique has only gotten manlier and manlier. Even when he wears just a t-shirt or sweater on screen, he is absolutely oozing masculine charm.


5. Lee SooHyuk

lee soohyuk, manly, kpop 2017, korean actors 2017

Juksy / IlGan Sports

When Lee SooHyuk first hit the scene, he was a waif-like Korean supermodel. However, as he grew into more mainstream success, he also started growing into those t-shirts. After hitting the gym and gaining some more muscle, the star has a whole new, rugged image.


6. Lee JongSuk

lee jongsuk, manly, kpop 2017, korean actors 2017

SPN / NewsEn

Drama heartthrob Lee JongSuk was able to completely change his aura with a stronger core and more masculine physique. Now it seems like literally everything he wears, he boasts with the confidence of a chic male model.


7. Jung IlWoo

jung ilwoo, manly, kpop 2017, korean actors 2017

International BNT / OSEN

Jung IlWoo first became famous through the popular “High Kick” drama series, back when he was a very young and very slender teenager. These days, the actor’s frame and personal style has made a complete turn around, resulting in a more mature, confident appearance.


8. Hong JongHyun

hong jong hyun, manly, kpop 2017, korean actors 2017

KpopStarz / Instiz

Is it just us or did model-actor Hong JongHyun basically become a completely different person over the years? As another former model, the star bulked up his thinner physique, completely changing his image from a very slender model to a rugged Hallyu star.


9. CNBlue’s Jung YongHwa

jung yonghwa, cnblue, manly, kpop 2017, korean actors 2017

Mnet / JYH Sketchbook

CNBlue frontman Jung YongHwa has always been good-looking, but his more handsome, masculine image these days really suits him as a musician. Who knew this famous ‘flower boy’ would only get better looking with age?


10. CNBlue’s Lee JungShin

lee jungshin, cnblue, manly, kpop 2017, korean actors 2017

ArtNews/ Topstar News

As one of the tallest Korean celebrities out there, it must be hard for CNBlue’s Lee JungShin to build his physique, but over the years, he’s yet another member of the group to seriously ‘glow up’. We’ve loving his newly strong arms and broad shoulders. (Can we get a hug?)


11. CNBlue’s Kang MinHyuk

kang minhyuk, cnblue, manly, kpop 2017, korean actors 2017

MBC / Star News

It seems like somewhere CNBlue’s personal trainer is working hard for their money because Kang MinHyuk is yet another member to make it to our list. With his newly rugged physique, the image he gives off wearing just another t-shirt look is completely different than it used to be. Swoon!

4 Hottest Male BFF Actors Of The Same Age

Here’s 4 Korean male actors who are the busiest and also the closest to one another.

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4 actors, Ryu JunYeol, An JaeHong, Park JungMin and Byun YoHan are all 32 in Korean age, born in 1987 (Park JungMin was born in early ’86 but still 32 in Korean age). Actually, all of these actors are the hottest ones conquering Korean movie and drama scenes. However, do you know that they are actually close friends one another in real life? Even before they got huge popularity like now, all of them have been in good term. Especially, Ryu JunYeol confessed that he is the BFF of Byun YoHan. Two of them usually enjoy playing soccer games together. How cute!

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Now is the time to check out their news and who they really are!


1. Ryu JunYeol

The busiest man in Korean drama and film scene, Ryu JunYeol recently admitted the dating rumor with Girl’s Day’s HyeRi. His way to greatness just started from the huge success of “Reply 1988” and keeps going along “Lucky Romance(2016)”, “The King(2016)”, “A Taxi Driver(2017)”.  The latest movie, “A Taxi Driver” recorded over 10 millions viewers in Korea. Besides, he is acting in movie “Little Forest” which is going to be released in the end of 2017. This is not the end. Two movies where Ryu JunYeol are acting are still waiting to be released in 2018. Netizens are admitting him as a hustler of 2017. 

byun yohan, park jungmin, byun yohan, an jaehong,



2. An JaeHong

An JaeHong, who started to shot to fame with Ryu JunYeol in the drama “Reply 1988” on tvN. He demonstrated his amazing acting skills are even shining when it comes to romantic genre on the drama “Fight For My Way” on KBS2. Even on the screen, he appeared in “The King of Jokgu(2013)”, “The Sound of A Flower(2015)”, “The King’s Case Note(2016)” and “Fabricated City(2017)”. An JaeHong is the one who can keep his acting tone, giving a variation in it at the same time. There must be no one who see him only once, but it’s possible to never see him once. He is so lovely enough to make people keep their eyes on him.

byun yohan, park jungmin, byun yohan, an jaehong,

NAVER X Dispatch


3. Park JungMin

Park JungMin’s popularity is also going higher. He piled up strong filmography in “Bleak Night(2010)”, “DongJu(2015)”, “The King(2016)” and “That’s the Only World of Mine(2017)”.  His charismatic acting skills drag people to movie so deeply. Many fans are waiting for him to shine in front of much more audience.

byun yohan, park jungmin, byun yohan, an jaehong,



4. Byun YoHan

Byun YoHan grabbed lots of people’s attentions from the drama “Misaeng(2014)” on tvN for his lovey character like an old fox. He showed off his various charms through lots of works like “Socialphobia(2014)”, “Six Flying Dragons(2015)”. From cute BF character to a lonely husband who lost his wife, Byun YoHan always keeps giving a challenge choosing new character in film and drama. Recently, he was cast for tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine” with Lee ByungHeon and Kim TaeRi.

byun yohan, park jungmin, byun yohan, an jaehong,

Saram Entertainment

Top 4 Male Idols Who Have Cryptic Nicknames

Can you figure out what ‘Po Mo Nam’, ‘Al Mo Kyung’, ‘Yook Jal Ddo’ and ‘Le Shin Set’ mean?

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If you understand all the nicknames written above, you are on somewhat another level to know almost everything about K-Pop idols. No exaggeration at all. Because all those nicknames are difficult to understand even for Korean fans or netizens. What makes it hard to figure out the meaning is just because they all are acronym of Korean words. 

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Today, it’s time to learn the most cryptic nicknames of male idols. Let’s cryptanalyze them A to Z!


1. SHINee’s MinHo

‘Po Mo Nam’ = ‘A man who seems to never give up’

‘Po Mo Nam’ is an abbreviation for ‘A man who doesn’t know what giving up is’ (포기를 모르는 남자) or it refers to ‘Someone who never gives up’. The reason why MinHo gained this nickname is he has shown his passionate desire for winning in sports and all any other competitions. 

minho, shinee minho, jin, bts jin, exo, exo do, do, vixx leo, vixx, leo


minho, shinee minho, jin, bts jin, exo, exo do, do, vixx leo, vixx, leo



2. VIXX’s Leo

‘Le Shin Set’ = ‘If Leo is on your mind, it means the game just sets.’

‘Le Shin Set’ is an abbreviation for ‘If Leo is on your mind, the game just sets.’ (레오가 신경쓰이면 게임 셋). It means that Leo is so attractive enough to snatch ordinary people’ mind who are not fans of him even fall for him. 

minho, shinee minho, jin, bts jin, exo, exo do, do, vixx leo, vixx, leo


minho, shinee minho, jin, bts jin, exo, exo do, do, vixx leo, vixx, leo



3. EXO’s D.O.

‘Al Mo Kyung’ = ‘KyungSoo is too weird to know what to make of him sometimes’

‘Al Mo Kyung’ is an abbreviation for ‘KyungSoo is too weird to know what to make of him sometimes'(알다가도 모를 경수). KyungSoo is D.O.’s real first name in Korean. D.O. is usually serious and clam in daily life but sometimes his unexpected personality pops out. Fans named it for his unique and unpredictable personality.

minho, shinee minho, jin, bts jin, exo, exo do, do, vixx leo, vixx, leo

SM entertainment

minho, shinee minho, jin, bts jin, exo, exo do, do, vixx leo, vixx, leo



4. BTS’s Jin

‘Cha Moon Nam’ = ‘Car Door Guy’

‘Cha Moon Nam’ is an abbreviation for ‘Car Door Guy’. It originates from a scene when Jin showed off his perfect looks as opening out of a car at an award ceremony’s red carpet. Fans got visual shock from Jin getting out of a car by opening the door himself named him this cute nickname.

minho, shinee minho, jin, bts jin, exo, exo do, do, vixx leo, vixx, leo


GIF minho, shinee minho, jin, bts jin, exo, exo do, do, vixx leo, vixx, leo