13 Overseas Choreographers That Have Participated In Making Sleek Moves For K-Pop Idols



13 Overseas Choreographers That Have Participated In Making Sleek Moves For K-Pop Idols

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Behind every K-Pop idol stages that you see, there are always choreographers, song writers, producers, stylists, makeup artists and so on making sure that everything is put into perfection.

Previously, Kpopmap mentioned about a UK based production team LDN Noise who has been producing K-Pop songs for artists such as MONSTA X and the upcoming SuperM . Fans could not wait to hear those songs in the near future!

Today, we are going to focus the limelight on the brains of those who have come up with those powerful, mind blowing and eye catching choreography of K-Pop idol groups.


#1 Keone Madrid

Many ARMY might have already noticed this famous choreographer as he had participated in the making of many hit moves for BTS  such as ‘Dope’, ‘Fire’, ‘Not Today’ and many more!


#2 Kyle Hanagami

Kyle Hanagami is the another famous choreographer that has added his touch to the world of K-Pop. He is known for working with Red Velvet ‘s ‘Icecream Cake’, ‘Peek-a-Boo’, f(x) ‘s ‘4 Walls’, BLACKPINK ‘s ‘BOOMBAYAH’, ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ and many more.


#3 Parris Goebel

Leading the famous international dance crew, Royal Family, Parris Goebel has made her name known also with many choreography for K-Pop idols. Her works include BIGBANG ‘s ‘BANG BANG BANG’, CL‘s ‘HELLO BITCHES’, iKON ‘s ‘RHYTHM TA’ and so on.


#4 Yanis Marshall

Yanis Marshall became a sensation when his unique style of dancing with heels become a topic online a few years back. His sophisticated lines and creative aspect of dance have also gained the attention of many K-Pop fans when he had worked with Tiffany Young for her song ‘OVER MY SKIN’.


#5 Aliyah Janell

Powerhouse vocalist, HyoLyn had also worked with famous choreographer Aliyah Janell for her solo song, ‘Dally’. The flirty and cute choreography had definitely gained the attention of many K-Pop lovers with numerous amount of covers being uploaded online.


#6 Brian Friedman

Stepping into the K-Pop industry, Brian Friedman had choreographed for the debut title track of rookie monster group, ITZY ! Hopefully we will get to see more of his unique dance moves for more groups in the future.


#7 Rie Hata

Rie Hata is a famous Japanese choreographer who has been working mainly with K-Pop boy groups. One of the groups that she has been working with is none other than BTS. She had come up with moves for ‘IDOL’, ‘Anpanman’ and also ‘Airplane Pt. 2’. Needless to say, some of her other works include participating with ATEEZ , Block B  and more!


#8 Sugawara Koharu

Another Japanese choreographer on the list is none other than Sugawara Koharu. She is known for her works with SHINee ‘s TaeMin and also appeared previously on Mnet “Hit The Stage” with the idol. Other works of hers include 2NE1 ‘Falling In Love’.


#9 Sorah Yang

Sorah Yang is rather new into the K-Pop choreography scene as recently she had choreographed for girl group, NATURE ! Seeing how her moves are getting positive reactions from many fans, they also hope that they will get to see more of her participation in the near future.


#10 Kiel Tutin

Kiel Tutin is also another rising choreographer that is known for his creativity despite his young age. He has been working with big names such as BLACKPINK and especially with member Lisa.


#11 Lyle Beniga

The impressive debut title track for EXO , ‘MAMA’ was choreographed by none other than Lyle Beniga. Aside from EXO, he had also choreographed for BIGBANG’s TaeYang ‘Wedding Dress’ as well as ‘Where U At’.


#12 Ian Eastwood

Ian Eastwood is also another choreographer who has been working frequently with SM Entertainment’s artists. Some of his works include SHINee’s TaeMin ‘Danger’, VIXX ‘s ‘Chained Up’ and so on.


#13 Brian Puspos

Last but not least, we cannot forget to mention Brian Puspos who is a renown choreographer for his urban and sleek choreography. BTS’s JiMin and JungKook had even covered his dance a few years back.

It seems like both Brian Puspos and JiMin are fans of each other as it was also later revealed that he had choreographed for JiMin’s solo song ‘Serendipity’ and also BTS ‘Butterfly’.

Who are some of the other choreographers that you are in love with? Share with us below!


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