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Many fans find their favorite K-Pop idol adorable when they made small mistakes or when they are clumsy. It shows how they are just like normal humans like us and makes them more relatable.

Not long ago, a small incident happened when VICTON's SuBin was eating during a V-Live. It reminded many fans of the time when he had spilled sugar while introducing the ingredients needed to make muffins during a baking V-Live session.

The moment happened around 2:00 of the V-Live!

He was showing the ingredients by tilting them slightly but who knew that he would ended up spilling them before realising it was too late! During that time, many thought that SuBin was really cute as he was just doing his best in making the muffins.

 2 Moments When VICTON's SuBin Adorably 'Messes' Up V-Live With His Clumsiness

V-Live Screenshot

Well, it looks the 'history' had repeated again during a 'mukbang' V-Live that took place on Apr. 12. If you wish to catch the rerun, you can do so below.

At around 16:34 of the V-Live, SuBin was seen showing the fried egg to his fans but he had accidentally dropped it! Once again, he was stunned for a moment before he mentioned that it was fine and ended up cleaning the table with tissue.

 2 Moments When VICTON's SuBin Adorably 'Messes' Up V-Live With His Clumsiness

V-Live Screenshot

He even shared that it felt like a dejavu with the time when he had spilled the sugar by accident.

Fans who were watching the V-Live mentioned that they were already worried when they saw him lifting the fried egg with the spoon. Others also shared that he looked adorable after realising that he had dropped the fried egg too.

It looks like 'thanks' to the two small incidents, many are falling harder for SuBin's adorable charm.

Do you find him adorable too?


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