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Have you yet to start the campus romance web drama "Love Playlist 4"? It is time to start because you are missing one of the cutest couples!

It tells the love stories of university students in a relatable drama. For more complete information, poster, characters descriptions and more, don’t forget to check our cast and summary here. The season 4 started back on June 19 and is about to end.

There are various couples but the couple in the center of many talks is Bae HyunSung (acting as Park HaNeul) & Kim SaeRon (acting as Seo JiMin). They are making many hearts to flutter with their high chemistry. Be aware of light spoilers.

In the drama, Bae HyunSung is not sure about his feelings for Kim SaeRon. He has feelings for his close friend Park ShiAhn (acting Jung PuReum). For Kim SaeRon, Bae HyunSung is the one she likes. You would have understood, this is a love triangle.

They share a lot of sweet moments but these two scenes made our heart skip a beat and ship to the couple even harder.

As you can see on the gifs on the left, Bae HyunSung softly grabbed Kim SaeRon wrist and they were running for the building where their interview was held. She was falling at first sight for him.

On the right, it was her turn to grab his wrist and to run to the place they had an appointment. Bae HyunSung could not hold his smile as he was falling for her even more. This scene happens a bit later in the drama.

The couple is beautiful and their chemistry is perfect. With the OST, the scenes were even better!

You can watch the first episode of the drama below.

Did your heart also skip a beat?


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