20 Korean Female Celebrity With The Most Instagram Followers In 2017

Korean Celebrities are using Instagram to communicate with not only Korean fans but also all fans abroad who are Instagramers.  Kpopmap ranked up the most-followed Korean female celebrities in 2017. Check this out!

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Korean celebrities are posting from their selfies to screen shots of ‘what music they are listening now’ or ‘what they movies are watching now’ on Instagram. So, their fans can easily relate to celebrities and communicate with them. But sometimes, as SNS has always been, Instagram can cause lots of side effects. Anyway, below, find out which stars have the most popular accounts of the year.

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1.TaeYeon – 9.8m


A post shared by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on



2. Park ShinHye – 6.7m

#cnblue #between_us 오랜만에 준희소환? 언니!!!!!!!!!! 귀 호강했습니다?

A post shared by 박신혜 (@ssinz7) on



3. Lee SungKyung – 6.5m


A post shared by 이성경 (@heybiblee) on



4. Yoona – 6.3m

아기융이들❣️고마워요 #0530 #융스타그램

A post shared by @yoona__lim on


5. Jessica – 6.2 m

A splendid afternoon at the @veuveclicquot Polo Classic event☀️ #vcpc10 #morechampagneplease?

A post shared by Jessica Jung (@jessica.syj) on



6. Suzy – 6.1m


A post shared by 숮이 ???????????? (@skuukzky) on



7. CL – 5.9m

A post shared by CL (@chaelincl) on




8. Sandara Park – 5.9m

Back to reality. 여긴어디난누구 ??? action!!!

A post shared by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on





9. Krystal – 5.5m

A post shared by KRYSTAL (@vousmevoyez) on



10. HyunA – 5.2m

A post shared by Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) on



11.Tiffany – 5.1m

A post shared by tiffany ? (@xolovestephi) on




12. Kim SoHyun – 4.7m

#군주 #한가은 #세자이선 이번주도 많이 사랑해주세요❤

A post shared by 김소현 (@wow_kimsohyun) on

13. YuRi – 4.5m


A post shared by YURI KWON (@yulyulk) on



14. Amber – 4.5m

Miss these two. 보고싶다 내 아들 내 딸.

A post shared by Amber J. Liu (@ajol_llama) on


15. Song HyeKyo – 4.5m

With 옥프란체스카? #매디슨카운티의다리

A post shared by Hyekyo Song (@kyo1122) on

16. SooYoung -4.3m

#알수도있는사람 #이안 ?_ @vreathe0

A post shared by Sooyoung Choi 최수영 (@hotsootuff) on



17. Sunny – 4.2m



18. SeoHyun – 4.2m

못난이 쏘주랑 화영이?? #도둑놈도둑님 #강소주 #윤화영

A post shared by seo ju hyun(seo hyun) (@seojuhyun_s) on




19. HyoYeon – 4m

열일하니? #WannaBe #감독님 #프리픽스 , 함께 열일해주신 스텝분들 쵝오???? #Thanks

A post shared by hyoyeon kim (@watasiwahyo) on



20. IU – 4m

일요일엔 일을 해야..! ?

A post shared by 이지금 (@dlwlrma) on

Lovestagram Caught on Irene of Red Velvet and SeHun of EXO’s Instagram

Pictures from both Irene of Red Velvet and SeHun of EXO is being an issue.

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First, this is a picture Irene posted.

Irene of Red Velvet, SeHun of EXO, Irene and SeHun, Irene, SeHun, Idol Couple, Lovestagram

redvelvet.smtown Instagram

And this is a post of SeHun’s.

Irene of Red Velvet, SeHun of EXO, Irene and SeHun, Irene, SeHun, Idol Couple, Lovestagram

oohsehun Instagram

Controversy of two pictures being a “Lovestagram” is spreading fast, and fans suspect their relationships. Before this controversy broke out, some fans already have made some photoshopped pictures of Irene and SeHun together since they are like god and goddess of SM.

Anyways, there isn’t any official statement or actions such as taking down the picture, done yet.

Whether if it is true or not, it is undeniable that they look great with each other judging by the looks only.

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Did Sulli Cheat on Choiza? A Meaningful Post on Choiza’s Instagram

Sulli and Choiza are known to be seeing each other until this year March. They have been a constant issue because of Sulli’s inappropriate posts on her lovestagram and the age gap between them.

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Recently, Sulli is known to be dating another man, Kim MinJun, a brand director.

According to the official comment by SM entertainment, they have been seeing each other for two months.

2 months??

Hasn’t it  been TWO MONTHS since her broke up with Choiza?

It is assumed that she has gone out with him right after their break up, or while she was seeing Choiza.

However, recently, the public was sure that Sulli had been cheating on Choiza and was seeing her current boyfriend while they were sill together because of Choiza’s post on Instagram.

Sulli, Choiza, Sulli Choiza Break Up,  Celeb Scandal, Sulli Instagram

Choiza Instagram

He posted a picture of lamb meat and said “Is this Lamb Meat?” Lamb Meat in Korean is pronounced as “Yang Dari”. The word Yangdari is also used when someone dates two people at once.

He erased his post shortly after, however, it raised a lot of controversies.

Kim MinJun, her new boyfriend is 35 years, another guy with a huge age gap. Also, Kim MinJun and Choiza knew each other even before Sulli did.

It is assumed that Sulli met Kim MinJun through Choiza when they were still together.

Sulli, Choiza, Sulli Choiza Break Up,  Celeb Scandal, Sulli Instagram

Sulli Instagram

(From the left is Choiza, Sulli and Kim MinJun)

Dispatch, one of the biggest paparazzi company in Korea, recently said that Sulli’s trip to Peru was accompanied by her new boyfriend. 

What a dramatic life they are living.

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Is TaeYeon’s Instagram Being Hacked?

There was a strange post in TaeYeon’s Instagram.

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TaeYeon, TaeYeon SNSD, TaeYeon Instagram, TaeYeon SNS

TaeYeon Instagram

In the comment section, she wrote a sentence that cannot be understood by anyone, even those who speaks Korean as their mother tongue.

Fans assume that she was celebrating her big hit last night.

Such a cute drunk who wanted to brag what her fans made for her.

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Check Out SeolHyun’s Cutest Post on her Instagram

SeolHyun of AOA was the new endorsement idol for a famous ramen, Zzapageti.

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She has been on diverse advertisements such as fashion accessories, outdoor brands, cars, mobile games, and even soft drink.
Directors of advertisements adore her as a model not only because of her perfect body and beautiful looks, but because her bright and cheerful image delivers a positive image to the public.

Recently, she filmed an instant noodle ad, and she just loved shooting it. She was known to be one of the idols who loves food, so she was able to satisfy herself eating noodle during the shoot.

She even posted herself on her Instagram. #SulHyunXZzpagetti, #Finally, #the noodle came to me # god it looks delicious # want to have it again.

SulHyun, SulHyun AOA, AOA, SulHyun CF


Her post gave a big laugh to her fans.

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