The lineup of MBC 2017 “Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC)” has finally been revealed.

On 6th, the lineup of idols that will appear on 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships has been revealed on the official homepage. Total of 37 groups including EXO, AOA, Gugudan, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, and GFriend is listed on the lineup.

The recording will take place on 16th in Goyang-si. Idols will be competing in various sports this day, including rhythmic gymnastics, archery, aerobics, and track and field.

This year will be the first time male aerobics competition has been established. Staffs have selected games that have less chances of injuries due to the numerous injuries suffered in the last recording of ISAC.

ISAC will be recorded on 16th, then edited and broadcasted during the Lunar New Year holidays.

 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships Lineup Revealed!


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Harmonijay Xu
Harmonijay Xu
Jan 6, 2017 05:02 pm

Boiiiii EXO is on the list! I just hope that they won't get injured ;; Still looking forward to this event, though!