Though the year of 2017 has 3 months to go to meet its end, people are already quite sure of the top 5 songs to be awarded in Melon Music Awards.

These 5 songs are most listened individually, most played in stores, most sang by people in Kareoke, and probably most mentioned by people. People say, there is a very small chance something new would disturb this list because the five has already built quite a reputation.

A song is from the famous drama that made a huge boom in early 2017 (now everyone knows the first song of the list), some songs can sound surprising because they aren't sang by popular idols but rather a solo artist. 


Here are the Top 5 songs that will probably get awarded unless something of Beethoven comes out.

1st- I Will Go To You Like the First Snow

Artist: Aliee


2nd-  Tell Me You Love Me

Artist: Bolbbalgan4


3rd - Through the Night

Artist: IU


4th - Shape of You

Artist:  Ed Sheeren


5th - You, Clouds, Rain

Artist: Heize

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