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BTS are truly this generation's top class superstars of this world. We often hear the phrase 'kings' when fans use it to express the admiration they have for their favorite idols. But in BTS's case, the compliment 'kings' applies a little differently. It's not just a phrase of admiration coming from fans, they literally are kings for K-Pop music and the youth of this generation.

Billboard Music Awards evidently knows this very well, which is why they have been promoting the superstars endlessly. In addition, the awards event even placed the septet boy band at the very front center seats of the venue, prioritizing them above all the other attendees of the awards ceremony. This, of course, is much different from last year when they were seated far away from the main stage.

But what's good about being placed right in front of the main stage you ask? Well, besides the obvious reason that it shows the importance of the person sitting there, it's also the seats with the best view to watch the world's finest superstars perform as well.


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