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Although 2PM's TaecYeon is currently serving his military duties in Gyeongi Province as a military instruction assistant, he did not hesitate to support his fellow junior group, TWICE's upcoming comeback.

When JYP Entertainment released the teaser for TWICE's 5th mini album, he was first seen replying to the teaser with an image through his twitter account.

On the next day when TWICE JeongYeon's teaser was uploaded, he was seen once again replying to the teaser image.

This time the picture which he had uploaded includes the term 'Assalabiya' which is usually used as an expression of being excited and happy by the older generations. Fans of both 2PM and TWICE were amused by his twitter reply as it had brought laughter to many. They love how supportive he is towards his fellow juniors.

TaecYeon had entered the military in September 2017 and will be discharged most likely in June 2019. TWICE will also be coming back with a new mini album on April 9th 2018.


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