3 Actors That Look More Mature Than Their Age


Are you good at guessing age? Sometimes, it is not that easy.

Among Korean actors, there are some with boyish looks and some with more mature looks. Interestingly among the Korean actors with mature looks, there are 3 of them whose ages are quite hard to match.

These 3 actors have their own charms and matureness that make them look slightly older. They are actually younger than what you would expect.


1- Kwak DongYeon – born in 1997

korean actors, actor mature, actor age

FNC Entertainment

Kwak DongYeon is a rising actor. Many fell in love with his great acting skills. The actor starred in dramas such as “Modern Farmer” (2014), “Love in the Moonlight” (2016), “Reunited Worlds” (2017), “Radio Romance” (2018), “My ID is Gangnam Beauty“, and “My Strange Hero” (2018). In “My ID is Gangnam Beauty“, many have been surprised to find out that he is actually the same age as fellow actor ASTRO‘s Cha EunWoo.


2- 5urprise’s Lee TaeHwan – born in 1995

korean actors, actor mature, actor age

FANTAGIO Entertainment

With his tall (188cm) and model-like features, Lee TaeHwan has this chic and mature look that gives him vibes of being older than born in 1995. He appeared in “Busted”, “Photo People“, and “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”.


3- Lee JaeWook – born in 1998

korean actors, actor mature, actor age

VAST Entertainment

Lee JaeWok is a rookie actor who wowed many with his drastic different images in his projects (“Memories of The Alhambra” and “Search WWW“). Many thought that he was older than he is because of his mature looks. The actor was actually born in 1998.


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