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They are a few stars that have mentioned on a broadcast or during interviews that they never dated anyone. Often celebrities got too busy because of their schedule and they never have the right timing or occasion to date.

This upcoming Christmas, these actresses might have to spend the day with their friends or family and not their lover - like it is usually in Korea.

Here are 3 actresses that mentioned that they never dated.


1- Jin SeYeon

Jin SeYeon refuted that she was in a love relationship with actor Yoon ShiYoon in less than 1 minute. During an interview, she once said, "I have been in a "sseom" [a fling] and have been on dates at several times. But, I have never been in a serious relationship". She said her ideal type is a man that takes good care of her.

 3 Actresses That Once Mentioned That They Never Dated

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2- Kim SoHyun

Kim SoHyun also is part of the list as she mentioned that she has never dated. She once said, "When I turn 20, I want to date". However, she added "Everyone has their own dreams, but I think that Campus Couple (a couple from the same university) is not the right thing. I don't want to start dating by being Campus Couple".

 3 Actresses That Once Mentioned That They Never Dated

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3- Nam JiHyun

Nam JiHyun is one of the rising actresses that is well known for her acting skills in romantic comedy dramas. The actress actually never dated. In a recent interview for the drama “100 Days My Prince”, she said, "Around me, people tell me a lot "You should date"".

 3 Actresses That Once Mentioned That They Never Dated

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