Among the things celebrities wish to forget, there are their past ads which they filmed with shocking concepts. These ads are not forgotten by the public and keeps on re-appearing even after all these years.

Usually, these stars have a fancy and handsome style but they went for a cute and comical concept for these ads. Recently, the Korean media, “Insight” compiled a list of these stars that wished people would forgot about their past ads.

Let’s find out what those are!


1- Yeo JinGoo

Yeo JinGoo debuted as a child actor. He especially got popular with the drama "The Moon Embracing the Sun", after that he filmed the ads for 'Chocohaim". In the video, he is very bright and is dancing powerfully. At that time, many fans got shocked at his transformation.


2- Yoo SeungHo

Actually, before Yeo JinGoo, Yoo SeungHo was the first to film for 'Chocohaim". Yoo SeungHo was even singing a song and doing funny waves. He was singing a song about freezing the cookies.


3- IU

In the past, IU was the model of the cosmetic brand "The Saem", she had various ads at that time. In the video, she says "I've become a woman with different thoughts" while doing heavy makeup. The orange and blue-green eyeliner in the ad was quite unusual.


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