Ever since I was in middle school, my clear skin took a sharp turn and never looked back. My whole face was covered in acne and clogged pores.
It became a large source of my insecurities but I always thought, "It's just puberty. I'll grow out of it." WRONG!

I remember when my mom finally took me to a dermatologist in high school and the first thing they said was, "Why did you take so long to get help?!" -My mom, who was genetically blessed with clean skin, never knew that acne needed to be treated to prevent even worse scenarios. My dermatologist prescribed me to a variety of medicine that put me through more pain than the desired result. So! I took it into my own hands and discovered the natural remedies that are easy on your skin and your wallet!

During my year abroad in Korean, I discovered K-Beauty skin care routines that drastically improved my skin. All of my volcanic pimples slowly disappeared and the red blemishes are now nearly invisible! If only I had known about this back during my youth!

That's why I want to introduce you to a K-Beauty skin care line that is sure to help anyone who is struggling with the same skin troubles that I've faced! Secret Nature's From Jeju skin care line is your easy 3-step routine to treating your trouble skin!

Made with clean natural ingredients, these products have exactly what you need to put a stop to your acne, clogged pores, and more!

How To Fight Trouble Skin
With Secret Nature's From jeju Line

From Jeju Toner

Every skin care routine needs to start with the toner! Secret Nature's From Jeju Toner is made up of 93% plant-based ingredients, which includes green tea, asparagus, camila flower, aloe vera leaf, and carrot extracts. These ingredients combined tidies up your skin nicely as it gets your skin ready for the next steps. It's also made in a unique elastic gel type of formula, using aloe water, making it super-absorbable and refreshing to your skin!

After your morning and night face cleanse, just dab this toner onto your hands or a cotton pad and smooth it from inside out on your skin.

From Jeju Emulsion

Emulsions are formulas similar to lotions. From Jeju Emulsion is made up of 95% natural plant-derived ingredients that will protect your skin, leaving it radiant and youthful! It keeps your oil and moisture balance in check while nourishing it with the same effective ingredients found in your toner!

Dab a couple of drops onto your hands and gently massage it from inside out on your face. You can definitely see how the moisture gently covers the skin as your pores start to absorb all the gentle goodness!

From Jeju Cream

The last step to this easy skincare routine is the From Jeju Cream! Now that you've tidied up your skin, nourished it with emulsion, it's time to add in a protective layer to help keep the goodness locked in! The cream enhances your skin while boosting its immune system to help hydrate and nourish. Made up of 84% plant-derived ingredients, the cream holds all of the active ingredients found in its previous steps, as well as broccoli extract! Every skincare girl knows broccoli is full of zinc, vitamin A and C!

Once you've let your emulsion settle for a few seconds, take a small dab of From Jeju Cream and massage it on your face working from inside to out. You'll immediately feel the cream settle into place as it locks in the nutrients that your trouble skin needs!

Just take a look at the difference! The left hand that was treated with Secret Nature's From Jeju skin care formulas look so much more radiant, moisturized and healthy!

If you're struggling with trouble skin, make sure to check out Secret Nature for their From Jeju line that will surely help you on your way to healthy, glowing skin!