We all have those days when we wake up and something about your face just looks dull. All the tired sleepless nights and stress from your everyday life has taken a toll on your skin! Ever wonder how these K-Pop idols look effortlessly glowing despite their hectic schedules? They use whitening and vitalizing products to care for their skin!

But we all don't have the time or (let's be real) money to get the professional care that idols get, so I'm here to introduce you to a K-Beauty skin care line that is sure to brighten, whiten, and revitalize your skin to look healthy and glowing again! Secret Nature's Mandarin Honey skincare line has three essential and easy products to do just that while keeping your wallet happy!

Made with clean natural ingredients, these products have exactly what you need to fight back against all the imbalances that are causing your skin to look dull!


Mandarin Honey Whitening Moisturizing Serum

Comprised of 93% natural ingredients found on Korea's most famous Jeju Island, the Mandarin Honey serum is a powerful yet gentle product that revitalizes dull skin, treats blemishes and leaves your skin well hydrated! The Jeju tangerines prevent damage by oxidation while the skin looks bright and clean thanks to the natural melanin ingredient. It also contains propolis harvested by honey bees that is full of organic minerals and amino acids that nourish your skin. Rated green by EWG, this serum is super gentle on your skin but powerful against your skin troubles!

First, use toner to even and tidy up your skin. Then take a nickel-sized dab of serum onto your hands and evenly massage them in the direction of your skin texture. Do you notice how non-sticky this serum is?! It absorbs right up! The concentrated formula also has a refreshing tangerine smell with a perfect blend of sweet honey aroma.shop

Mandarin Honey Whitening Moisturizing Mask Sheet & Silicon Suit

Now all skincare girls know that you need to switch it up a bit to prevent your skin from getting too used to a certain routine with the same ingredients. Every once in a while switch up your serum step with the Mandarin Honey Mask Sheet & Silicon Suit! The mask's essence is made up basically like the same as the serum but think of it as a more intensive step to getting all that natural goodness deep into your skin.Unlike any other face masks, this is a two-step process that is easy, convenient, and highly effective!

First, tidy up your skin using your everyday toner. Instead of using the serum, take out the soft, white sheet and place it onto your skin, making sure to cover as much surface as possible. Remember to take the bubble wrinkles out!

Next, take the silicon mask suit to press on the mask sheet onto your face. The suit makes sure that all the nutrients of the mask are pressed closely into your pores for better absorption. You can even walk around, do a little dance, or whatever and it still won't come off!

Leave the two masks on for about 10~15 minutes. Remove the masks afterward and gently pat the remaining excess onto your skin. You can reuse the silicon suit by washing it with warm water and laying it flat out to dry.

Mandarin Honey Whitening Moisturizing Cream

Make sure to complete your process with a protective layer of Mandarin Honey cream! As mentioned, the Jeju tangerines prevent damage by oxidation while the skin looks bright and clean thanks to the natural melanin ingredient. The propolis harvested by honey bees is full of organic minerals and amino acids that nourish your skin. Made up of 90% natural ingredients, it also has other natural ingredients found on Jeju Island, like green tea, aloe, Centella Asiatica extracts to make sure your skin stays hydrated while fighting against wrinkles.

After preparing your skin with toner and serum or mask, take a small scoop of the cream and gently massage it into your skin using your hands. Make circular motions from inwards and out to get it evenly on your skin!

Just take a look at the difference! The afterward photo that was treated with Secret Nature's Mandarin Honey skin care formulas looks so much more radiant, moisturized and healthy!

If you're looking to brighten and revitalize your skin, make sure to check out Secret Nature for their Mandarin Honey line that will surely help you on your way to healthy, glowing skin!