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Idols outfits are definitely one of the things fans are the most looking at. For MV, on stage, at the airport, for fansign, etc so many events where idols are seen wearing fashionable outfits.

Idols stylists have great ideas and it allows idols to even shine brighter on stage. Male idols were seen wearing crop tops and their fandoms loved it.

Here are the three of them.


1- EXO‘s Kai

EXO came back with ‘Tempo’ and Kai was seen wearing a black and white striped crop top for the MV. The idol looks amazing and charismatic with it along with black pants and suspenders. He also wore crop tops on stage too.


2- MONSTA X‘s WonHo

WonHo was seen at various times with crop tops. The idol wears this type of outfits perfectly with much sexiness and yet cuteness with perfect dancing. The gif is from ‘Fighter’ area.


3- Wanna One‘s Bae JinYoung

Bae JinYoung wows fans at MGA (MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards) this year. With his white crop top, he surprised many with a powerful and charismatic stage.


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Men like Kai should wear crop tops more often. He looks so sexy and a handsome and manly man who has such a special aura and presence when dancing, is much more interesting to look at than all these boring female idols who’s bodies mostly look the same + they act the same too (fake cutesy) and have zero stage presence. No, thank you.


you cant praise a man without bringing down women now? female idols are a million times better than all of exo combined, even if they are “boring” and act “fake”. you know why? people like you are the reason. women are criticized for everything, they act a certain way and they are either the same as everyone else or too different and unlikeable. they look a certain way and they either aren’t special or the same as every other visual. they present themselves a certain way and they are either fake cutesy and have zero stage presence or they are… Read more »


A.C.E should definitely be here omg


Idk about that. I mean sure, it’s personal preference but I think they look too childish for crop tops.