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The long awaited comeback of HyunAis finally happening on Jan. 28!

Many would recall that HyunA had initially postponed her comeback back in 2020 because of health issue but after receiving treatment and sufficient rest, she is ready to greet fans with her latest music.

If you have yet to check out her eye-catching music video teaser for title track 'I'm Not Cool', you can do so below.

With her impending comeback, here are some of the points to look out for.


1. 7th mini album "I'm Not Cool"

HyunA is dropping her 7th mini album "I'm Not Cool" which has the same title as her title track. It consists of 5 different tracks 'I'm Not Cool', 'GOOD GIRL', 'Show Window', 'Party, Feel, Love' and 'FLOWER SHOWER'.

 3 Points To Look Out For HyunA's Comeback With 'I'm Not Cool'

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The title track is based on moombaton and also of pop dance genre. It is said to be addictive and also filled with dance steps that would cause many to go 'wow'.

HyunA had also participated in the lyric composition of 'GOOD GIRL', and her boyfriend, DAWN, will also be featured in the song 'Party, Feel, Love'.


2. Worked with renown world wide choreographer

HyunA has been teasing fans with her dance practice video on her Instagram and it was revealed that the choreography was actually choreographed by renown world wide choreographer, Rie Hata. Along with dance team B.B Trippin', HyunA will be putting up a spectacular performance.


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Many are already looking forward to the stage performance after learning about this interesting fact.


3. Mnet "Mcountdown" comeback stage

Appearing on music show after a long time, fans could not wait to witness HyunA's first ever comeback stage for 'I'm Not Cool' on Mnet "Mcountdown". It was said that HyunA will be promoting the song on various music shows and the first premiere will take place on "Mcountdown".

Who else is looking forward to her return?



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