3 Stranger K-Pop Phenomenons That Were Actually True In The Past


3 Stranger K-Pop Phenomenons That Were Actually True In The Past

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Whether you believe in jinxes or not, there’s no denying that some things have just strangely happened over and over again under the same circumstances in the K-Pop scene.

Whether the idols take heed to this phenomenon is up to them, but it wouldn’t hurt if they were aware of some of it.

Below are jinxes that we’ve seen throughout idols’ careers.


IU – Songs Titles Have To Be Three Alphabets In Order For It To Become A Hit Song

Nagging (잔소리), Every End Of The Day(하루 끝), Good Day(좋은날), and You & I (너랑나) all have three alphabets in Korean. IU herself has stated that she’s seen better results when her songs have three-alphabet titles, resulting in her having the tendency to title her songs the same way.




G-Dragon – There’s Always Some Sort Of Problem Right Before An Album Release

The BIGBANG member has stated before in the past that there’s always some sort of trouble that happens right before the release of an album.

g dragon

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TaeYeon – All The Songs She Thinks Will Be Hits Don’t End Up As Hits, But Songs She Doesn’t Really Like End Up As Hits

The Girls’ Generation member has once said in the past that all the songs that she likes never really do well on the charts but songs such as ‘Gee’ and ‘Genie’, which she really disliked, all ended up becoming chart smashing hits.


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