3 Things That Happen When Korean Celebrities And Strange Lighting Cross Paths

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3 Things That Happen When Korean Celebrities And Strange Lighting Cross Paths

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Our favorite Korean celebrities pose for thousands of pictures a year, and out of all the pictures taken, you’re definitely guaranteed to find some bad ones!

Thanks to a frenemy we like to call ‘horrible lighting,’ the following pictures of Korean actors and singers have something about them that have us scratching our heads. Are UEE’s legs pale or are they tan? And is EXO’s SuHo secretly a ghost? We’ve got questions, and maybe you can help us by checking out all the magical color-shifting in the photos below.

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1. SuHo’s Vanishing Face

[WPGP gif_id=”88376″ width=”600″]

First up, we’ve got SuHo – someone we’d like to refer to as the “EXO of the Opera” after this weird moment. The idol starts off as white as a ghost and magically finds a way to slide his way right out of it. It’s almost as if he just refound his face.


2. The Two-Tone Leg Phenomenon

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UEE‘s ankles made us do a double-take in this image taken at a press conference for her upcoming drama “Manhole” earlier this month. What a contrast! Apparently, the moment you enter a photowall (the small area reserved for press conference photography), your whole color scheme brightens for the camera. 

tiffany, snsd, kpop 2017, wtf, funny picture

International BNT

The same two-tone phenomenon happened to SNSD’s Tiffany and former Wonder Girl SoHee as well. 

sohee, kpop 2017, wtf, funny picture

Tistory @spdstudio

Are we the only ones getting flashbacks to Red Velvet‘s debut concept?

[WPGP gif_id=”88413″ width=”600″]


3. NU’EST’s JR = The Chameleon Visual?

[WPGP gif_id=”88402″ width=”600″]

Last but not least, we’ve got NU’EST’s JR (also known as Kim JongHyun to those of you who were as obsessed with “Produce 101” as we were). During the behind the scenes of this photo shoot, he starts off rather cool-toned, but the moment he shifts his head, his face gets considerably warmer. And let’s not even get started with how much his eyebrows change!

JR is basically the chameleon from “Tangled.”

[WPGP gif_id=”88422″ width=”600″]