Every K-Pop agency has its own standards and criteria when selecting their idols.

When we normally think about this subject, the first things that often come to our minds is mind blowing visuals, great singing skills, likable personality or character, and other traits that make up the 'x factor' of celebrities.

However, JYP Entertainment, according to their founder Park JinYoung, prioritizes on three things that aren't mentioned above.

Below are three things that JYP Entertainment looks for in their idols.

 3 Things That You Need To Become A JYP Entertainment Idol


If you're a compulsive liar, forget about thinking JYP. Nope, they won't have it. Integrity is key to getting on the right side of Park JinYoung.

And you must do what you do because you love it with all your heart! If you're trying to become an idol just to obtain the fame and hopes of fortune, be very sincere about it or change your motivations because half-assing your way isn't going to work in JYP Entertainment, nor anywhere else for that matter.

Oh, and if you're kind of like a peacock that struts around and like to flaunt your good looks or talent, we'll bet you won't last long in JYP Entertainment. Park JinYoung has expressed on multiple occasions that he absolutely finds arrogant and prideful people very discomforting.




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Jan 1, 2019 06:43 am
  1. Singing ability
  2. Dancing ability
  3. Good looks/sexiness
Jul 16, 2020 01:42 pm
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For what I know, JYP doesn't only look for skills. Hyunjin of Stray Kids was scout on the streets with no experience whatsoever. Now, he's the main dance and lead rapper in the group. So what JYP looks for, is idol potential and charisma. In my opinion, good looks matter a lot, but everyone can look good with make-up. To be honest though, should people focus more on skills than looks? For example, Changbin and Woojin are such legend in singing/rapping, yet they're the least popular of the group?