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Following the hype from the casting announcement of the K-Drama "Nevertheless," starring Song Kang (who plays Park JaeEon) and Han SoHee (who plays Yu NaBi), netizens have been praising not only the main characters but the supporting characters, too.

Chae JongHyeop plays Yang DoHyuk in the drama and is recently piquing the interest of K-Drama fans because of his "Nevertheless," role. He is also currently acting in the drama "The Witch's Diner," with actresses Song JiHyo and Nam JiHyun. He was already getting a lot of attention from his previous roles in the baseball drama "Hot Stove League," and his popular role in "Sisyphus: The Myth."

He has received a lot of attention, not only for his acting talents but also for his tall height of 186cm. However, there is more to Chae JongHyeop than just that.

Here is a list of facts you might not know about Chae JongHyeop.

Disclaimer: Fact number 1 may contain spoilers for episodes 1 - 7 of "Nevertheless,"


1. His real-life dating style is very similar to his character Yang DoHyuk

In a speed-interview where he had to choose an answer between two options, Chae JongHyeop surprisingly answered very similarly to the way Yang DoHyuk appears in the K-Drama "Nevertheless,"

When asked if he is the more straightforward type when it comes to confessing his feelings to someone, he admitted that he often ends up just crushing on the person by himself. He was then asked if he thinks it is possible for men and women to just be friends. He answered that he thinks it is not possible. Chae JongHyeop also said that he would prefer to date someone publicly than secretively. He said that he is the type to be a bit obsessive about his partner and also has a jealous side.

Judging by the way he interacts with Han SoHee's character, Yu NaBi, in "Nevertheless," it is clear to see that he has a similar dating style to his character Yang DoHyuk. In the drama, he has a one-sided crush on Yu NaBi and is very obvious about the fact that he has liked her throughout their friendship. He never tries to hide his feelings for her and becomes jealous whenever Park JaeEon is involved.


2. He studied abroad in Thailand and South Africa

Chae JongHyeop actually lived in Thailand for one year and in the administrative capital of South Africa (a city called Pretoria) for 3 years. He was in South Africa until he turned 21 and had tried his hand at modeling. Unfortunately, modeling was not working out as well as he had hoped. He moved back to South Korea to pursue his career in entertainment.

 3 Things You Didn't Know About "Nevertheless," Actor Chae JongHyeop

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As a result of living abroad for so long, when he appeared on the show "Amazing Saturday," the cast was taken aback because Chae JongHyeop lacked knowledge about K-Pop. He didn't even know who aespa was. He said that because he lived abroad for so long, he actually preferred listening to Western pop songs over K-Pop.


3. He has a hidden talent for variety shows

Chae JongHyeop recently appeared on the popular Korean variety shows "Amazing Saturday," and "Running Man." Although he may not be familiar with variety shows and you could see his reserved side at the beginning of both shows, he adjusted very quickly.

In an interview, he once said that he didn't really have any interest in becoming a comedian. However, after watching him in these two shows, it seems like he could have a talent for doing Korean variety shows. He seems like the more he does it, the better he will become at it. It definitely shows off his funny, cute, and charming side.


Cha JongHyeop shows a lot of potential as not only an actor but as an entertainment professional. It should be interesting to see how his career takes off in the future.


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