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2019 has already started and many are curious to know about the actors that will rise in popularity. Many are looking forward to new Hallyu actors.

It might be hard to be sure or be precise about who might be the next internationally popular actor. However, some actors have especially caught the attention of viewers in 2018. These actors might then have better opportunities to shine in 2019 in new projects.

Find out the 4 actors that might earn massive popularity in 2019.


1- Kwak DongYeon

Kwak DongYeon is a rising actor. He is part of FNC Entertainment actors. The actor starred in dramas such as “Modern Farmer” (2014), “Love in the Moonlight” (2016), “Reunited Worlds” (2017), “Radio Romance” (2018),  “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty“, and “My Strange Hero” (2018).

With his evil character in the drama “My Strange Hero”, he keeps on gaining popularity.

 4 Actors To Look Forward To In 2019

Kwak DongYeon’s Instagram


2- Ahn HyoSeop

Ahn HyoSeop is definitely rising with dramas such as “My Father is Strange” (2017), “Queen of the Ring” (2017), “Still 17” (2018), and “Top Management” (2018). He impressed many with good acting and good looks. Many are looking forward to his 2019 projects.

 4 Actors To Look Forward To In 2019

Ahn HyoSeop’s Instagram



3- Kim JaeYoung

Kim JaeYoung had only a minor role in the drama “100 Days My Prince“ (2018) but he caught the attention of many. He got the main role in the drama “Dear My Room” (2019). He will probably gain more recognition in 2019.

 4 Actors To Look Forward To In 2019

Kim JaeYoung’s Instagram


4- Kim KyungNam

Kim KyungNam is a rising actor. He acted in dramas such as “Prison Playbook” (2018) and “Come and Hug Me” (2018). His most recent drama was “Where Stars Land“ where he was acting as Oh DaeKi a member of the Security Service Team of the Incheon International airport. With this role, he interested many. At the 2018 MBC Drama Awards, he also won the Best New Actor Award “Come and Hug Me”.

 4 Actors To Look Forward To In 2019

Kim KyungNam’s Instagram

Who do you think will gain a lot of popularity in 2019?


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How about SF9’s Chani? Does acting-dols count?