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Have you been watching dramas these days? If not, you are missing many great scenes! If you like romance, this weekly Kpopmap series is for you as we gather the most heart-fluttering scenes in one place.

Be aware of MAJOR spoilers from episodes that aired this week.

The following scenes are the most romantic scenes to not have missed this week. Let us know in the comment what was for your the scenes to not have missed.


1. "Love Revolution"

Park JiHoon and Lee RuBy as Gong JuYoung and Wang JaRim

In "Love Revolution", Park JiHoon gave a back hug to Lee RuBy as they cleared their misunderstandings.

Sweet Park JiHoon told her that he was angry and worried and that he wanted to ask her a lot during this time but now that he met her all he could tell her is that he missed her.

He repeated that he missed her and that he really likes her a lot.

He also mentioned that he likes her because it is her.

Touched by his words, she got emotional and started to tear.


2. "Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol"

Lee JaeWook and Go Ara as SunWoo Jun and Goo RaRa

Lee JaeWook finally confessed his feelings to Go Ara and they are now dating. However, he still has to tell her his secret.

She told him: "You're the lucky charm that came into my hopeless life. Thank you for liking someone like me." He promised her that he will not let her go no matter what and that he hoped she would do the same.

Their huge hand's size difference was also adorable as they hold hands.


3. "Start-Up"

Suzy and Nam JooHyuk as Seo DalMi and Nam DoSan

Suzy was so happy their team (including Nam JooHyuk) got into SAND BOX (a place to help them be a successful company) that she jumped into Nam JooHyuk's arms at the announcement of the results.

Because of their huge height difference, at first, he was squeezing down. But after a moment, he happily hugged her back and lifted her up.

He made her fly with this happy hug.


4. "18 Again"

Lee DoHyun and Kim HaNeul as Hong DaeYoung and JungDajung

Lee DoHyun is the ex-husband of Kim HaNeul. His body changed to his 18-year-old self. Since their divorce, they both took some time away and realized that they still have strong feelings for each other.

Kim HaNeul knows that the teen looking guy is actually her ex-husband. In this scene, she confessed that she has been missing him and so he is.

They had a love-filled reunion kiss.

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See you next week for more scenes.


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