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After global superstars BTS began dominating the US music market, the question of whether who they'd potentially be collaborating with has always been a topic of high interest in not just K-Pop fans but general music listeners as well.

It's not just their superstardom that attracts other artists and producers to want to collaborate with them but also their ability to be unique while maintaining the K-Pop-ness as well.

Here are the top five US artists who'd kill it through a collaboration with BTS.


#1 Zedd

 4 BTS Collaborations That Absolutely Must Happen

He's one of the most sought-after producers in both pop and EDM. Having produced smash hits such as "I Want You To Know", "Clarity", "Beautiful Now", "Stay", and most recently "The Middle', Zedd is truly a musical genius who stands out from his peers. Despite being capable of producing some of the most complex and amazing tracks influenced by rock, classical, and electronica, he embraces the art of simplicity, which is why he has been making pop hits after hits.


#2 Tinashe

 4 BTS Collaborations That Absolutely Must Happen


If there ever was a collaboration between these two artists, we can safely bet that the stage performance is going to simply be out of this world.


#3 Troye Sivan

 4 BTS Collaborations That Absolutely Must Happen

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Troye Sivan's vocal and song style seem very compatible and low-key similar to some of BTS's works as well. In fact, BTS members RM and JungKook once covered Sivan's single 'Fool's before as well.


#4 Shawn Mendes

 4 BTS Collaborations That Absolutely Must Happen

While it has been confirmed by both Shawn Mendes and BTS that a collaboration will happen eventually, we just can't really wait. Hopefully, their time in the studio together or bouncing music files back and forth will end up in a production with good synergy.


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