4 Extremely Talkative K-Pop Idols



4 Extremely Talkative K-Pop Idols

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Even though idols are generally well-above average looking and possess traits that an average Joe wouldn’t have, idols all come in different shapes and sizes. This includes their personalities as well.

It turns out that there are a few idols that are well known to be extremely talkative. Not that there’s anything wrong with it of course. In fact, it’s arguably better to have a personality that is closer to a talkative extrovert than a reserved introvert in order to have an active social life. 


Wendy (Red Velvet)

Wendy, Wendy Profile, Red Velvet, Red Velvet Profile, Red Velvet 2017, Wendy 2017

Official Red Velvet Facebook

Just take a look at the number of words she puts into making one Instagram post. All those hearts and emoticons all over the place really does make her seem like a talkative person even when she’s typing. The enthusiasm is just out of control.

Wendy, Wendy Profile, Red Velvet Profile, Red Velvet


“I recommend this song. It’s great. But you guys already may know it since it’s such a great song. I’ve always felt that we should do better for those that are always around for us. It’s easier said than done…! But especially our parents. Mom, Dad, I’ll do better in 2017. Many thanks to my managers, staff members and……….!!!!!! to my fans that are always showing lots of love and interest 24/7. ” 

Wendy, Wendy Profile, Red Velvet Profile, Red Velvet


“It’s really late but I’m going to make a post anyway since I think it’s become a habit. I’m sure there are some fans that are already asleep by now. Thank you for your unwavering and constant love and support. But I’m sure you guys are sick of hearing me say thank you all the time right? It’s getting late, we should all sleep. Sweet dreams! And one more thing! The song is too long to post so I’m going to cut it in half and post it. Not the best audio quality but thank you in advance for being understanding.”

Red Velvet, Red Velvet Profile, Wendy, Wendy Profile


Hello??? Um, I can see you!!! I’m looking straight into the screen and answering but why are you keep asking me the same question??!!!!! I’m watching my group members during their streams as well.I’ve been waiting since ten with my sister to watch them.”

Wendy Profile, Wendy, Red Velvet, Red Velvet Profile


Q: Wendy’s favorite Chusok food? 

“Songpyun hands down! And of all the types of songpyun, the sesame ones! Yakgwa as well! And also Korean style omlette made of either pumpkins, fish, etc. There’s just too many types of food to eat during Chusok!”

Q: A song you would recommend listening to while on the road?

“Russian Roulette! Not because it’s our song from our third mini album but because it’s very energetic! You’ll sing along to it right away and end up listening to it over and over again. I hope this song livens things up for anyone who has a long way to travel on the road.”


Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE)

Jung YongHwa, Jung YongHwa Profile, CNBLUE, CNBLUE Profile, CNBLUE 2017


Not what you would expect from a first glance at him, it turns out that YongHwa really likes to talk. See for yourself as he even apologizes in the middle after realizing himself that he was talking a little too long.


SiWon & YunHo (Super Junior / TVXQ)

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TV Report / SM Entertainment

These two are quite notorious for being the most talkative idols within SM Entertainment, so much that even Lee SooMan, CEO and founder of SM Entertainment, avoids the two of them at all costs during big gatherings and nights out as HeeChul explains on a TV show.

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don’t forget yesung, they cut 90% of him talking in a variety show because he talked for two hours straight!