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Everyone has something they are fearful of and when it comes to K-Pop idols, they are just like anyone else.

Recently on a Korean news outlet, they found out that there are 4 female K-Pop idols that are fearful of something which might not seem that big of a problem to some people.

Let's find out who they are.


#1 SoYou

 4 Female K-Pop Idols That Suffer From Phobias

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Despite her healthy figure and image, SoYou revealed that she actually has a fear of height! Through various variety programs, she had shown the viewers that she is trying to overcome that fear.


#2 Sulli

 4 Female K-Pop Idols That Suffer From Phobias


Due to an incident which happened to Sulli when she was young, she is scared of water. Despite that being said, she still wants to try scuba diving as mentioned on a TV program.


#3 Girls' Generation's Sunny

 4 Female K-Pop Idols That Suffer From Phobias

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Sunny has a fear of loud sound. It was revealed that if she hears the sound of fireworks on stage, she would not be able to continue the choreography. The reason behind is because she used to live in the middle east and the Gulf War took place then too. Since then as a post-war trauma, she finds loud sound scary.



 4 Female K-Pop Idols That Suffer From Phobias


JooE shared that she is scared of fishes. She does not know why but when she sees the fishes in the water, she thought that they are scary. On tvN "Salty Tour", JooE also had a fearful expression when told to visit the aquarium.


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