Here's 4 Korean male actors who are the busiest and also the closest to one another.

4 actors, Ryu JunYeol, An JaeHong, Park JungMin and Byun YoHan are all 32 in Korean age, born in 1987 (Park JungMin was born in early '86 but still 32 in Korean age). Actually, all of these actors are the hottest ones conquering Korean movie and drama scenes. However, do you know that they are actually close friends one another in real life? Even before they got huge popularity like now, all of them have been in good term. Especially, Ryu JunYeol confessed that he is the BFF of Byun YoHan. Two of them usually enjoy playing soccer games together. How cute!

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Now is the time to check out their news and who they really are!


1. Ryu JunYeol

The busiest man in Korean drama and film scene, Ryu JunYeol recently admitted the dating rumor with Girl's Day's HyeRi. His way to greatness just started from the huge success of "Reply 1988" and keeps going along "Lucky Romance(2016)", "The King(2016)", "A Taxi Driver(2017)".  The latest movie, "A Taxi Driver" recorded over 10 millions viewers in Korea. Besides, he is acting in movie "Little Forest" which is going to be released in the end of 2017. This is not the end. Two movies where Ryu JunYeol are acting are still waiting to be released in 2018. Netizens are admitting him as a hustler of 2017. 

 4 Hottest Male BFF Actors Of The Same Age



2. An JaeHong

An JaeHong, who started to shot to fame with Ryu JunYeol in the drama "Reply 1988" on tvN. He demonstrated his amazing acting skills are even shining when it comes to romantic genre on the drama "Fight For My Way" on KBS2. Even on the screen, he appeared in "The King of Jokgu(2013)", "The Sound of A Flower(2015)", "The King's Case Note(2016)" and "Fabricated City(2017)". An JaeHong is the one who can keep his acting tone, giving a variation in it at the same time. There must be no one who see him only once, but it's possible to never see him once. He is so lovely enough to make people keep their eyes on him.

 4 Hottest Male BFF Actors Of The Same Age

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3. Park JungMin

Park JungMin's popularity is also going higher. He piled up strong filmography in "Bleak Night(2010)", "DongJu(2015)", "The King(2016)" and "That's the Only World of Mine(2017)".  His charismatic acting skills drag people to movie so deeply. Many fans are waiting for him to shine in front of much more audience.

 4 Hottest Male BFF Actors Of The Same Age



4. Byun YoHan

Byun YoHan grabbed lots of people's attentions from the drama "Misaeng(2014)" on tvN for his lovey character like an old fox. He showed off his various charms through lots of works like "Socialphobia(2014)", "Six Flying Dragons(2015)". From cute BF character to a lonely husband who lost his wife, Byun YoHan always keeps giving a challenge choosing new character in film and drama. Recently, he was cast for tvN's "Mr. Sunshine" with Lee ByungHeon and Kim TaeRi.

 4 Hottest Male BFF Actors Of The Same Age

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