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Sometimes not all hit songs which we have heard from our favorite K-Pop idols are originally produced recently but are actually remake from oldies in the past!

With the slight twist in rhythm and melody, it might give fans a new perspective and experience about the song. Let's find out which songs are actually remake!


#1 BIGBANG 'Sunset Glow'

Worldwide famous boy group, BIGBANG, has so many hit songs that is hard to name a favorite! One of the famous songs, 'Sunset Glow' is actually a remake of Lee MunSe's 'Sunset Glow'.


#2 Girls' Generation 'Girls Generation'

We also cannot forget about Girls' Generation's debut title track 'Girls Generation'! It is actually a remake of famous song writer and singer, Lee SeungChul's 'Girls Generation'.


#3 IU 'Meaning Of You'

You may or may not heard of this song by IU but it is actually a hit in Korea when it was released! It is also known to be a remake of the famous song 'Meaning of You' by San Woollim.


#4 Apink's EunJi & Seo InGuk 'All For You'

Last but not least, did you catch the first series of tvN hit drama, "Reply 1997"? If you did, you are definitely going to remember the theme song 'All For You'. It became a classic song that you have to sing with your other half when you head to the karaoke. It is actually also a remake of Cool's 'All For You'.


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